Young And The Restless’ Star Kristoff St. John Has Died, Found Dead At 52

Young And The Restless’ Star Kristoff St. John Has Died, Found Dead At 52

It is being said by many news outlets that Kristoff St. John, star of the long-running soap opera ‘Young and the Restless,’ has passed away. His lawyer Mark Geragos confirmed the actor’s d*ath, saying in an email: “Sadly we can authenticate.” Officer Rosario Cervantes,

of the LAPD, told p*lice reacted to an incident yesterday in the San Fernando Valley area where a person was pronounced d*ad. She could not authenticate the name of the deceased. Law enforcement sources tell USAToday, that one of Kristoff’s friends goes to check

on him at the actor’s house in San Fernando Valley, and discover his b’ody. Police and paramedics were alerted and reacted to the home. We’re said Kristoff was pronounced dead on the scene. We’re said, there was no sign of foul play, although one source says alc*h*l

might have played a role. If you were not aware, Kristoff St. John’s Son committed sui*id’e in November of 2014, and here are the details of what took place during this hard ideal. Young and the Restless star, Kristoff St. John, made headlines later speaking out about his 24 year old son,

Julian St. John’s, suicide on Entertainment Tonight. Sadly, his son comm’itted su*ci’de in November of 2014 while he was in a psyc’hiatric hospital accepting treatment for his schizophrenia. Kristoff said, Entertainment Tonight this about the day he got the call about his son’s passing:

‘the worst call I had ever gotten in my life’ and ‘every parent’s nightmare.’ He broke down cry’ing tears of extreme pa’in, which then turned into straight up an’ger (understandably so) at the reportedly negligence he told the hospital showed toward his son.

Kristoff is in the procedure of suing the hospital and from the sounds of it, he should be! TMZ reported that Kristoff St. John is suing the hospital where his son took his own life— bl*sting the mental facility for giving him access to the plastic bag he used to kil’l himself.


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