Years After Lesbian Rumors, Jordan’s Daughter Gets Engaged To A Baller Like Him

Years After Lesbian Rumors, Jordan’s Daughter Gets Engaged To A Baller Like Him

NBA icon, Michael Jordan, and his former-wife, Juanita Vanoy-Jordan, probably couldn’t be glad right about now. Why? Because their only daughter (out of their 3 kids together) is all grown up and will soon be able to shout, ‘I’s married no!,’

just like ‘Shug Avery’ did in “The Color Purple.” Okay, that was a truly random reference, but it remain pertains to the topic though. At any rate, check out Jordan’s daughter and her fiancee below… At 25 years old,Jasmine M. Jordan is smiling from ear to ear over that nice rock her man only put on her ‘I’m spoken for’ finger. She’s marrying Rakeem Christmas, a man who has a lot in common with her father- he, too, is a pro basketball player.

Rakeem is a Syracuse University graduate, who played overseas, for the New Zealand Breakers in Auckland, New Zealand, this past season. Jasmine announced that Rakeem had popped the asking on her internet accounts, with emotional pictures attached with a caption.

So long, neither Michael Jordan, nor Juanita have talked out about their daughter’s engagement. Although, for Father’s Day, Jasmine shared pictures of herself, her father, and her fiancee chilling on a yacht somewhere, cheesin’ it up for the camera.

Clearly, that is an indication that the NBA icon approves of his soon-to-be son-in-lawUnfortunately, a celebrity as big as Jordan wouldn’t be an legend if he- or in this case, his of’fspring- were not shrouded in some type of c’ontroversial moment in time. That brings us to those persistent fake news about Jasmine’s se’xuality.In 2013, Jasmine surprised the social media, after sharing a lovey dovey picture with her friend, who was reported by Media Take Out (MTO) as being a lesbian. In the photo, Jasmine is intimately hugging her female friend around her waist.


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