Xscape’s Tamika Scott Can Longer Stand By Sister, LaTocha Scott’s Ego Ruining Group: I Love My Sister…

Xscape’s Tamika Scott Can Longer Stand By Sister, LaTocha Scott’s Ego Ruining Group: I Love My Sister…

The R&B girl trio Xscape was always going to be successful on reality TV. The band has always lived on controversy, and their comeback in the past ten years has undoubtedly been anything but smooth. This has been used by the group to increase song streaming,

sell more tickets, and advertise television shows. People are labelling the recent drama on social media “messy” due to the significant amount of spillover. After increasing pressure on the women caused a rift between them,Xscape first broke up in the 1990s. Since then, sisters Latocha and Tamika have floated in and out of the public eye while Tiny and Kandi have found fame as musicians and television performers. The group has reunited thanks to Tiny and Kandi’s continuous prominence,

but anytime there is controversy or a conflict of interest, the number of members varies between 3 and 4. Kandi notably skipped the group’s most recent round of releases in favour of performing on Broadway. Since then, she has joined the group again,and they are currently on a tour without Latocha. According to insiders, she was withdrawn from the dates because her manager/husband had a disagreement with the booking agent. By claiming that Latocha simply did not want to tour at the time.

but would be joining them for the Soul Train Awards, where they would be honoured, the girls attempted to put an end to any rumour of trouble. Unfortunately, Latocha arrived at the red carpet sporting a contradictory expression from the other three,demonstrating that there is still plenty of drama inside the group. In a post, Latocha made an attempt to play it off, saying, “Sorry I didn’t get the memo, but everyone still looked wonderful.” Latocha chose her own stylist and has been actively separating herself.

from the group, according to Kandi, who stepped into the comments and defended the rest of the group. “@iamlatocha the only thing for people to know is that you choose to have a separate stylist from the rest of the group,Kandi says, addressing her bandmate directly. Do not hold us responsible for your decision to distance yourself. In an unexpected change of events, Tameka Scott, the sister of Latocha Scott, is now responding to the drama by supporting Tiny and Kandi.

When you reach adulthood, you must start making wise choices. She stated, “God is watching, and I’m not disappointing him for anyone.” Latocha Scott has not yet commented to her sister, but she has been sending subliminal messages about the group conflict all day.


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