Wow, You Will Not Believe Who His Legendary 80s R&B Mom Is!

Wow, You Will Not Believe Who His Legendary 80s R&B Mom Is!

His mother is one of the most influential tr’end-setters in the history of soul music, and this man is a model. Although her work had a significant impact in the 1970s and 1980s, her legacy and personality are much more enduring. If you can spot this

guy’s mother in his face by giving him a good look. Despite their stark differences, they share some similarities. Yes, you read it correctly Grace Jones is his mother. Do you really believe that? Did you actually get this one right, be honest?

I have to say that it was incredibly difficult for me to make this prediction, even though their facial characteristics are comparable when they are side by side. Paulo Goude, the “Pull Up To My Bumper” singer’s son and model,

was photographed by famous people alongside her ex-husband, Jean Paul Goude. If you recognize Jean Paul’s name, it’s because he was the photographer behind the media flurry surrounding Kim Kardashian’s butt-naked photo spread in Paper Magazine in the latter part of last year.

In her new book, I’ll Never Write My Memoirs, Grace Jones stated that she detested the fact that her ex-husband supported what Kim Kardashian was doing. Grace claimed that she questioned her ex-husband about why he did it, and this is what she claimed happened:

I questioned him as to why he was giving her ideas for Kim Kardashian, a simple commercial product. This seemed to go against his long-standing commitment to maintaining his integrity.

Why would he keep saying the same thing, merely to give her a little burst of attention that would be shortly followed by the next puff of self-promotion? Goude responded, “Well, I got the notion that if I didn’t produce that shot, she would have simply duplicated the idea nonetheless,”

Grace recalled of his remark. I should probably just duplicate myself. His theories are so potent that even today, when they are repeated, there is still a great deal of uproar, albeit a brief one. He may have done it to make me a little more agitated as well.

We say around here that we learn something new every day, but not this time. Like we often say, around here, something new is learned every day, but this time, the one thing we already knew was that Grace Jones definitely has a type. Do what you want, Grace;

we’re not furious at you. You must view pictures of Grace with her son, his wife, and their child because she is now a grandmother. This is the contented family that Grace Jones’ son had a baby with.

Grace’s facial expression in the first photo made us chuckle. We’re not sure why she’s staring at her daughter-in-law in that manner, but it’s hil’ari’ous.


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