Wow, This Is Bobby Brown’s Response To Kanye Using Whitney Houston’s Bathroom Photo

Wow, This Is Bobby Brown’s Response To Kanye Using Whitney Houston’s Bathroom Photo

Wake up Mr. West!” is the wake-up call num’erous people have been sending to the Good Music Label owner in not so far weeks. It looked like to be a much needed alarm clock for ‘Ye, even nevertheless he fully disagrees. First, came Kanye’s ‘slavery was a choice’

statement, next came his erratic Twitter rant. Then there is Kanye’s latest plans to pay $85,000.00 for a image of Whitney Houston’s drug laced bathroom, to use as album art (shown below) for his artist, Pusha T. They told sometimes a good slap could knock a person’s mind right,

which is precisely what Bobby Brown now desires to do to Kanye West. Don’t take our word for it nevertheless, see Bobby make that threat to West himself. Bobby has sounded off about Kanye’s odd plans regarding his late former-wife and he ain’t

happy about it whatsoever. In a not so far interview with Rolling Stone, Bobby was questioned to share his thoughts about Kanye e*plo;iting Whitney and her past d*ug afflictions, here’s what he told: Bobby B.- “Why would he post that on his album cover?

That’s truly disg’usting that he would do that. That’s in truly worst taste. Something should happen to Kanye. He’s already crazy. I knew that when I first enc*unter him. Now he’s pushing the b’ar a little bit. He needs somebody to sl*p him up or something.

And I’m just the person to do it.” Obviously, Bobby’s reaction is clearly and nu’merous fans are ridin’ with him on this one. The ironic part is that Kanye, of ALL people, should have been more sensitive earlier to using Whitney’s bathroom image.

He unfortunately knows what it’s like to lose a loved one in the public’s eye- his favorite mom, Donda West. His mother di’ed from complications later so mang plastic sur’gery. This fact also didn’t go unnoticed by numerous fans,

who have sla’mmed Kanye and asked why he hadn’t exploited his late mom in the same graphic manner he’s e*ploiting Whitney. However Kanye’s actions have caused a significant amount of pain for Bobby and others in Whitney’s family, Kanye and his wife, Kim Kardashian,

supposed to are not wo*ried. In fact, they’ve been on a mission to counteract the backlash of Kanye’s many cont*oversial antics, by trying to show themselves in a different light. For example, their not so far happy-go-lucky appearance on “Family Feud”

and Kim Kardashian’s announcement that she’s helping one Black woman get out of jail are clearly perfectly timed publicity stunts…in my opinion.


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