Woman Sent To Hospital After Being Dragged Across The Floor By Trey Songs In Bowling Restroom

Woman Sent To Hospital After Being Dragged Across The Floor By Trey Songs In Bowling Restroom

Rappers have long had Angela Simmons on their want lists. Before she br*ke out into her own profession as a model, fashion designer, and reality star, the majority of people grew up watching her on television with her family. Yo Gotti, the creator of the popular song “Down in the DM,”

is one individual who is determined to meet the Run-D’M’C pro’ge’ny. His followers are ecstatic as it looks he finally had his chance to get her attention. Angela Sim’mons was famously mentioned by Yo Gotti in his 2016 hit song. Queens MC Nicki Minaj was featured on the song


“Down in the DM,” but Gotti was more interested in Queens princess Angela. They kept saying, “Damn, Gotti, you brave” (bold), but I’m gon’ let the world know (goals),” he rapped. “And I just followed Angela (Simmons)/ Boy, I have a c*ush on Angela (Simmons)/

I’m gon’ let the world know.” Sim’mons and Sutton Tennyson were still together at the time because they had only started dating a year earlier. Following the breakup of that relationship, Simmons put him self back out there. He was then linked to Bow Wow, Cam Newton, Serge Ibaka,

and Brandon Jennings, among others. Khalil Mack of the Los Angeles Charges was the final man she was formally ass*cia’ted to in 2018. Fans are overjoyed for Simmons because he and Gotti have been sighted out and about together.

The two are rum*ured to have recently travelled to Dubai after being seen together at a party a few months ago. Fans who paid close attention noticed parallels in their posts from last month, which showed them both riding about in the desert.

Yo Gotti and Angela Simmons were most recently sp*tted together at a Glorilla event. Angela is sp*rting braids and a gra’phic t-shirt while having a wo*ried or perp lexed expression on her face. With his hood up, Gotti appears a little more assured in a blue sweat suit.

The moral of the story, according to fans, is that there is power in the tongue because you may say something into existence and He will manifest it. Some others noted that Simmons appeared a touch te’nse.

That Angela is a Virgo. Why are you scanning the room with such tre’pida’tion? She is undoubtedly out of her environment and has to go right once.


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