Will Smith Sincerely Apologized To Ex-Classmate He Sent To Jail For Possibly ‘Runnit’ His Life

Will Smith Sincerely Apologized To Ex-Classmate He Sent To Jail For Possibly ‘Runnit’ His Life

Will Smith has far ago proven himself to be a wise brother, who’s always seeking to learn more and offer his life lessons to his fans. That’s what he once did on his Youtube channel, by re’vealing a story from his past about the time.

he got into a very vi’olent a’ltercation with a classmate and closed up sending the dude to prison. Smith now views his action as having ‘ruined’ that man’s life and is now asking a sincere apology. *Scroll down for video*

When Smith rapped, in his “Fresh Prince of Bel-air” theme album, about growing up in Philly and getting into “one little fight” with a local kid, there was literally some reality to that story. The main difference was that the fight wasn’t so “little” nevertheless.

In fact, as per Will it was SERIOUS and he got his a$$ whooped in the worst way. It swapped the way he viewed life, for the REST of his life. It took place when Will transferred from a predominantly Caucasian school,to a mostly African American school in Philly and it was somewhat of a culture surprise for him. So he nervously planned to walk into the school like he was “King Jaffe” from “Coming to America” or something:

“I goes to a catholic school up to 8th grade, with all White kids and probably 2 or three Black children… And then I goes to my neighborhood high school in 9th grade, that was 99% Black kids. Then, the first day I walked into 9th grade,I walked into the lunchroom…and it was just 500 kids. … To this day I don’t know why I did this, I’m confirmed it was because I was nervous…and I have a stuff with fear, I don’t like being afraid. … So…I walked in, I looked around,

and I told ‘Excuse me, can I have y’all attention please?!!…[pointing to himself] He’s here!…He’s here right now, thank you! Thank you!’” One kid planned to check him on his arrogant attention seeking introduction: Will told there was “this one dude” mean muggin’ him.the entire time and ultimately said him, “Man, don’t nobody give a f*ck that you here. “I told ‘Hey, just give me 10 minutes, your girl gon’ care.’” Then it got worst: “As I was walking up the stairs, he cracked me in the side of my head with the [combination] lock and I goes down, I was out, I’on recall nothing. I remain got the lump on my head…”


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