Will Smith Says Floyd Mayweather Called Him Dally After Oscars Slap To Let Him Know He Was Still Great

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Will Smith have been homies over the years but it looked like like their connection has grown not so far. During a person screening of Emancipation movie, Will took some time to observe Mayweather and the help he’s given him over the past 7 months.

Smith opened up Mayweather had called him immediately later the Oscars incident, and constantly to check up on him for 10 days straight. Check out the video below! While giving an award for best documentary at Hollywood’s huge event, Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife,

Jada Pinkett Smith, and her hair. Pinkett Smith has struggled hair loss cause of alopecia. Smith reacted by storming the stage and hitting Rock further the face with an open-palm strike, before returning to his seat to shout: “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

The BBC stated the following month that Smith had been restricted from the Oscars gala, in the middle of backlash to the incident. The UK broadcaster mentioned that big studios like Sony and Netflix had stoped their projects with the Hollywood actor.Mayweather, Smith told during a personal screening for his movie Emancipation, routinely called him to check in and ensure he was OK. “I desired to say something also about Floyd,” Smith told. “We’ve encounter each other, we’ve seen each other around, but we weren’t, like, friends.

“And, the day later the Oscars, for ten days he called me every day.” ‘That’s my dude forever,’ Smith told of Mayweather Mayweather, who attended the screening and can be seen in a video below of Smith’s impromptu speech, supposed to said the actor: “You familiar you the champ, right?

You good? You familiar with you the champ, right? I desired you to hear my vocal say it.” Smith constantly: “That was every day he called me, and it’s like, that’s my dude forever right there.”


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