Whoopi Goldberg Has Clause In Her Will That Stops People From Making Money Off Her Life Story With Unauthorized Biopics

Whoopi Goldberg Has Clause In Her Will That Stops People From Making Money Off Her Life Story With Unauthorized Biopics

The topic of wills has been coming up a lot lately in pop culture, especially with the recent passing of rapper TakeOff. It feels like, unfortunately, some people learn the importance of a will too late and leave their families scrambling to make sense of everything in their absence. Well, not everyone is unprepared. Whoopi Goldberg reveals that not only does she have a will, but it has a couple of stipulations in it as well.

Some of the most iconic names in entertainment passed away with no will. Jimi Hendrix’s estate was in limbo for almost 30 years following his passing at the age of 27. The young rock star’s success has only grown in the time since, making it very hard for people to track down the money and who it belongs to. Hendrix passed with no kids, but for celebrities like Bob Marley and DMX, who have many kids, this becomes even more complicated.

Marley is particularly troubling because he had cancer and was around for about eight months after his diagnosis, but still did not make a will. His estate is currently valued at 30 million with over a dozen claimants. His will fell under interstate laws meaning his wife got 10% of his assets, and his 11 children had to share 45%. DMX kids are still fighting over his as we speak.

Prince had no will either. With no children, his estate was left to be divided by his siblings, but it took nearly six years for them to figure anything out. During that time, several of his siblings passed, and the estate has been heavily taxed. His siblings are left with $5.6 million to split amongst themselves, with some of them having already sold their portions to the bank to get the money sooner while everything was tied up in court.

TakeOff’s family is currently going through it as well. The young rapper passed away last month without any paperwork in place. Now his estranged parents are duking it out over his estate since he has no will and no children. TakeOff’s mother raised him, and is expected by many to gain access to his money, but his father has been campaigning as well despite not being in TakeOff’s life for much of his childhood.

While discussing biopics, the ladies of The View discussed the legacy of their most esteemed member, Whoopi Goldberg. They scoffed at recent films done depicting the life of Marilyn Monroe, and the EGOT winner revealed that her will includes a clause that will not allow people to make movies about her without her family’s permission. That means not only is Goldberg’s estate accounted for but so is her legacy when she passes. Whoopi said she dares studios to “try it” but assures them that her will is intact and will be in place for when she’s no longer with us.

Several celebrities have had the misfortune of being portrayed in biopics they did not like. This includes Lil Kim, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mark Zuckerberg, and David Letterman. Jada, in particular, took issue with the inaccurate depiction of her relationship with Tupac Shakur in All Eyez on Me.


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