Who Knew Ron Isley, 77, And Young Wife Had 11 Year Old Kid? He’s Cool Like Ron Too

Who Knew Ron Isley, 77, And Young Wife Had 11 Year Old Kid? He’s Cool Like Ron Too

One of the sexiest soul singers to ever grace the music industry is 77-year-old Ron Isley. In his 64 years in the industry, he has also gone through a lot of highs and lows. He has grieved the loss of several of his siblings, had children along the road,

divorced his longtime wife and singer Angela Winbush, experienced health issues, married a new wife, had a son, served time in prison, and then recovered like he had never been away . Many people were somewhat astonished by the age difference.when Ron Isley married Kandy Johnson-Isley, who was 28 at the time. Mr. and Mrs. Isley exchanged wedding vows in a fairytale-style ceremony in the year 2005. Nobody anticipated that Ron would be sentenced to 3 years in federal prison for tax evasion the next year,

in September 2006. Even worse, when her husband was sentenced, Kandi was heavily pregnant with their baby. While the Isley families were likely anxious about Kandi and their newborn boy owing to the stress the tax problem had caused,supporters were frightened for Ron during that bittersweet time, wondering if he’d actually make it through his entire sentence. Well folks, in the words of “Aunt Esther” from Sanford & Son, “HALLELUJAH!!” because Ron, Kandi, and their son Ron Jr. may have had some difficulties along the way,

but they persevered. Now that everyone is aware of the difficult circumstances into which Ron Isley Jr. was born. He’s growing up quickly, and since BOTH of his parents can sing, we’re dying to know if Ron Jr. has inherited those same qualities.Will there ever be another “Mr. Biggs Jr.”? There is still time to find out, so don’t feel under any pressure, Ron Jr. In an interview with KTVI that Ron and Kandi gave, Kandi discussed her decision to marry Islay, as we previously reported.

In case you’re wondering how that May/December romance has persisted for so long after looking at their images, here’s what Mrs. Isley had to say: Isley, Kandi Johnson: Ron Isley is a gentleman. You’re talking about romance,

after all, and he puts the “R” in romance by treating a woman with respect and at a fine restaurant. As our friendship grew, it became clear that we shared many interests since, despite his age, Ronald still has a youthful spirit.


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