Wesley Snipes’ Children: Get To Know The ‘Blade’ Actor’s kids from His 2 Marriages

Wesley Snipes’ Children: Get To Know The ‘Blade’ Actor’s kids from His 2 Marriages

Wesley Snipes is a glorious dad to five kids from his weddings. Although they all live private lives, some data is known about the Snipes kids, containing their movie cameos and name origin.

Wesley Snipes has been gracing the huge screen since the ’80s with his movie debut in “Wildcats.”

His career furthered in the ’90s when he reached a starring position in “Jungle Fever.” The same year, Wesley brought life to his most memorable identity, Nino Brown from “New Jack City.”

His outstanding career verified the entertainer’s ability until it was cut short due to his three-year jail sentence.

Behind his achievements were personal efforts as well, containing a tax evasion scandal. Nevertheless, he had his family to protect him grounded and glad. Wesley is a loving spouse to Nakyung “Nikki” Park, with whom he shares four kids.

He also had one kid from his prior wedding to April Dubois. Jelani Asar Snipes was born to Wesley and his first spouse, April, in 1988. He was only a toddler when his parents insulated in 1990. From then on, he lived a life away from the spotlight. However, Jelani once appeared in his dad’s film, “Mo Better Blues,” in 1990.

The Spike Lee-directed movie was Jelani’s just on-screen credit, where he seemed as one-year-old Miles. Not much is known about him, but according to his Linkedin, Jelani is struggling as the Chief Marketing Officer of Nuknga Metamarketing LLC.

Akhenaten Kihwa-T Snipes is Wesley and Nikki’s first kid, who they greeted a few years before tying the knot. Although he also lives a private life, like his brothers and sister, his name follows the similar pattern as his other siblings – the middle names end in a “T.” Akhenaten, specifically, appears to be named after an Egyptian Pharoah from 1372 to 1335 BCE. His name is clearly one of a kind.


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