Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Jr. Evicted From Apartment: One Week After Kevin Sr. Claims He’s Facing Foreclosure

Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Jr. Evicted From Apartment: One Week After Kevin Sr. Claims He’s Facing Foreclosure

Despite their “team efforts” to create her empire, it is now obvious that Wendy Williams was the only one who genuinely made her career and home a success. Despite having been her manager and executive producer before their divorce and the dem’ise of her programme,

it appears that ex-husband Kevin Hunter is now at the mercy of Williams and her financial difficulties. Now that their son Kevin Hunter Jr. is also involved in the situation, it appears that things will only get worse before they get better for the family.

Media mogul Wendy Williams was in charge. She used one of the most popular talk shows on television, The Wendy Williams Show, to get her hands on everything from books to movies, clothes, and more. Williams was at her peak but fell from grace quickly as a

result of an infidelity sca’ndal that caused her to get divorced and experience major health problems, effectively derailing her career. The few televised appearances Williams made after a year in rehab worried fans who had been anticipating she would make a full recovery.

While blissfully coexisting with his mistress and new child, Kevin Hunter Sr. voiced his sentiments about Williams’ team while watching from the sidelines. When Wendy’s bank accounts were revealed to have been frozen, the two Kevins sprang into action to save

themselves before everything collapsed. Many people claimed that Big Kevin was to blame for Williams’ failure. Her son was also blamed for running up her American Express cards, which is why she was having financial problems. After a recent stay in rehab,

Wendy apparently stopped talking to Kevin Jr., and Kevin Sr. has been complaining about payments ceasing possibly residual checks from the show or related to his employment as Wendy’s manager. Williams is having the last laugh, and she is hi’tting the pockets of all those who left her for de’ad.

Kevin vented on social media about his late payment and his intention to sue Williams and her legal team. He claimed that it was all about getting what was rightly his, and had nothing to do with Wendy. He also mentioned that he wished to ensure his son’s wellbeing.

Days later, it came to light that Kevin Sr. was in dan’ger of losing his house to foreclosure. Kevin Sr. will soon be homeless and hasn’t been able to get any money since Williams was placed under a conservatorship in February, according to court records.

Due to the fact that their son’s $2 million Miami apartment has been forfeited, he is now also at risk of becoming homeless. It is said that he owes $70k in unpaid rent. Williams had funded his entire life in Miami but was forced to cease when she lost access to her funds.


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