Wendy Williams Ex Husband Claims He’s Broke & Facing Home Foreclosure After Alimony Checks Stop

Wendy Williams Ex Husband Claims He’s Broke & Facing Home Foreclosure After Alimony Checks Stop

WENDY Williams‘ former Kevin Hunter who famously cheated on his wife and got his mistress expecting, asserts he cannot pay his bills and is facing home foreclosure later the talk show star stopped paying alimony payments, new court documents disclosed.

In the shocking court filing, exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun, Wendy’s former asserted his monthly payments which were made by the star as permitted to in their divorce,

quickly stopped in February 2022. The Root reports that as a outcome of Wendy Williams’ ongoing health problems and financial woes the once highly rated talk show host stopped making alimony payments to her ex-spouse, Kevin Hunter. Back in February,

when Wendy was locked out of her own Wells Fargo Bank account, supposed to the payments stopped and never resumed again. Currently, that he’s been cut off from the money supply later decades of having access, Hunter is crying broke.

Wendy’s former asserts he can’t pay his bills and is facing foreclosure on his Florida home. And he is questioning a court to intervene. Williams was launched from a wellness facility in October. And now, Hunter is looking to force her guardian to pay him so he doesn’t lose his home.

“I have fallen at the back of on most of my bills. Now I, live in a community that requires payments to the homeowners association and I’m behind on that bill,” Hunter told in his appeal to the court for help. “If the homeowners association fees are not paid, foreclosure will soon follow.

“My car insurance hasn’t been paid as a outcome of not receiving monthly severance payments. I’m behind on credit card payments because I have no money since the severance payments were suspended,” Kevin constantly in his filing.

“My life has been greatly affected since the plaintiff stopped making payments under our settlement agreement,” Wendy’s former-spouse included. On top of the myriad of pressing financial matters Wendy’s former asserted he was facing, he also alleged that he doesn’t have health insurance.


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