Vintage Entanglement: Bobby Womack Got Sh-ot For Sleeping With Daughter Of His Celebrity Friend

Vintage Entanglement: Bobby Womack Got Sh-ot For Sleeping With Daughter Of His Celebrity Friend

In a sense, Bobby Womack seems to have led a reality-show lifestyle. It was full of some truly we’ird and/or tumu’ltu’ous inc’idents. The situation was so horrible that a movie about his life should have been made; nevertheless, Bobby Womack did write a book about it,

so that was suf’ficient. He admitted in his book, “Midnight Mover,” that he had se* with his friend’s daughter in addition to be*aying his close friend and mentor in music. It is none other than the friend Bobby sta*be’d in the back. The illustrious Sam Cooke!

Bobby acknowledged that Womack married Cooke’s wife, Barbara, just three months after Cooke passed away from a gu* sh*t wo*nd caus’ed by a hotel manager. And if that wasn’t low enough, he admitted to having slept with Linda, the teenage

daughter of Sam and Barbara (she was about 18 at the time). Here is what Bobby described about how his wife eventually caught them in the act: The light turns on as I’m lying there kissing Linda. You filthy fu**ing bastard. How do you feel about my daughter?

Barbara appeared. Bobby was racing out of the home and into the garage when Barbara fi*ed a.32 revolver at him, grazing his scalp. They abruptly divorced in 1970 as a result of this. Barbara and her daughter ceased to communicate at all.

What explanation did Bobby Womack provide for betraying Sam, getting married to his widow, and then having se* with both his wife and Sam’s daughter? Womack stated, That was all pretty f**ked up. Wasn’t that just bad on so many levels?

We will always remember Mr. Womack for his contributions to music since he was one of the baddest blues titans in the business. Without songs like “Across 110th Street,” “If You Think You’re Lonely Now,” and “Harry Hippie,” what would music be like?

There is no denying that those tunes are still classics today. Regarding Mr. Womack’s personal life, it’s true that he did some crazy things to the people he loved, but it simply

goes to show that famous people are no different from regular people in that they are imperfect human beings. May Sam Cooke and Bobby Womack continue to rest in peace.


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