VIDEO: Terrified Teen Jumps Out Of Lyft Over Driver’s Behavior

VIDEO: Terrified Teen Jumps Out Of Lyft Over Driver’s Behavior

A North Carolina teenager had to make the very scary decision to jump out of a moving Lyft because of what she explained as ‘suspic’ious behavior’ from the driver.

As per NBC 15 It wasn’t far until 17-year-old Eziya Bowden felt not comfortable due to the driver’s comments in a Lyft ride home from work. “‘How numerous boys flirted with you?’ He told that right away,” she told. “‘Oh, you just look good. I would date you if you weren’t so young.

Later 2 minutes of this behavior, Bowden tells the driver then sprayed something she says made her dizzy and warm. She trusts she was feeling dr’ug’ged. “When I got in his car, it did smell like cigarettes, so when he sprayed one time, it was literally like,

‘Oh, it no far smelled like that.’ But for you to keep spraying it, then roll your windows up, like, I familiar it’s not about me being nervous or anything,” she told. The te’rr’ifying experience ultimately led the 17-year-old to make the potentially life-threatening plans to jump out of the moving vehicle.

“I was very afraid, but then again, I was more so like I’d rather get out of this vehicle than fall asleep in a car with this man I don’t really familiar,” Bowden told She told, she blacked out later opening the car door, only remembering where she landed and how she was sc’ared and crying.

She was still a few miles far from her home. “I just looked down at the ground, I looked at behind me and I just jumped out. He didn’t stop when he saw the door was open or he heard me crying or anything,” she told. Bowden told to the driver did finally turn around, pretended to a bystander and called police.

The 17-year-old ended up in the eme’rgency department for her wounds. The sc’ars on her face and body currently remind her of what she trusts was a close call. A Lyft spokesperson told the driver’s reportedly behavior is “deeply wor’rying,”

and his access to the platform has been refused. I don’t wonder that’s stopping him from anything else. It doesn’t trully bring peace to me at all. As us young girls, or even lady, we have to be very aware and safe of our surroundings. Cancel your ride and wait.

Wait for somebody ‘cause honestly, I would’ve waited for my friend,” Bowden told. Lyft also refunded Bowden for her ride, but she told she won’t be taking another Lyft or Uber ever again. Police told there are no accusations being filed in the incident.


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