VIDEO: See R. kelly’s Ex, Go The HELL Off On Radio DJ, Monie. Monie Responds!

VIDEO: See R. kelly’s Ex, Go The HELL Off On Radio DJ, Monie. Monie Responds!

Kelly’s former-wife/reality TV star, Drea Kelly is beyond pissed off with radio personality and ex rapper, Monie Love’s comments about their kids and R. Kelly’s new alleged 19 year old girlfriend. We familiar with it was on when Drea revealed her Periscope video with:

“Here we go…I’m not in ja;il, I’m not in prison, BUT I might be later the Goddamn Periscope. You all familiar [I’m] Drea Kelly, I don’t play when comes to my Goddamn eggs,

now I got to rip somebody a new shit..” But stop the presses, let’s recalled and break down how this all came about and what just Drea and Monie Love told… Drea got angry later Monie Love read an article from a news site live on radio talking about R. Kelly’s new reportedly 19 year old girlfriend,

which the news related to as Kellly’s “supposed ha’re’m.” The article addressed past cha’rges that R. Kelly reportedly has always kept several lady at once and was reportedly one his lady he was with since back when Kellz was still married to, and living with Drea and their kid.

The day later Drea’s Periscope message, Ed Lover revealed Monie’s radio segment by saying they were “going to mention the beef, or lack of be’ef.” “I didn’t talk about Ms. Drea’s kids. I have four kids, that’s not my style. There was NO chatter about her kids, there was no getting into her kids AT ALL.”

Monie stated that she was covering a news story from “[Quote] ‘One of the girls was 30 and she was in the home with him and his former-wife and kids while he was still married.’ [unquote] This is CRAZY! And the source constantly that ‘another was.


generally his guys go out into the audience of the show, they discover candidates, they bring them backstage to him, they bring them to parties, they fill them with alc*hol and gets them ineb’riated and then he [Kelly] shows up for the after party and picks who he desired for the night.

Monie then gave her view about the report she’d just read: “This sounds totally NUTS, I hope…I hope this is fully off…it’s just insane.”

It doesn’t truly sound like Monie told anything h’arsh nor disrespectful about Drea’s children. But from Drea’s standpoint it could be that she’s just fed up with the any controversy that comes with being romantically related to R. Kelly.


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