VIDEO: R. Kelly Admits He Likes Young Ladies, Also Says Parents Have Brought Their Daughter Around Him.

VIDEO: R. Kelly Admits He Likes Young Ladies, Also Says Parents Have Brought Their Daughter Around Him.

Kelly album, I realize It was a sur’prised to his nu’merous fans. While initially assumed to be a new project, both R. Kelly and Sony music have refuted having anything to do with the album, which Sony has tagged a bootleg. It has already been scrubbed from all digital streaming platforms,

but we’ve been able to pull ten items Kelly confessed to on I Admit It before the project was pulled. Variety indicated that the new album is actually a an anthology of leaked songs and demos from Robert, most of which have existed online for years.

The title track is even a song that R. Kelly released in 2018, trying to protect himself aga’inst al’legations. Originally released as an 18-minute track, R. Kelly confesses he likes younger women. I admit I messed with all the women. Both older and young ladies.

But tell me how they call it [expletive] because of that ? That’s crazy. This special line had the internet both amazed and shaking their heads at the same. R. Kelly later verifies that he was touched as a kid by a family member. Kelly says he was 14 years old and that the person took his integrity.

Kelly admits to ac*using himself for the occurrence and never talking about it. Unfortunately, Kelly is not the first person to experience this kind of problem and pass it along to others. The singer has spoken about this condition in the past.

His brother, Carey Kelly and lawyer have both ac*used his sister of being the culprit. Robert Kelly says that he only settled ca’ses in the past to defend his career, but always maintained his innocence. He feels like he was being set up and called it all “BS.”

Kelly concedes to also being estranged from his kids, apologizing to them for all the craziness he put their household through and promising better days are ahead. Again, this song was recorded before 2018, so he had not been taken into de*ention yet or

charged with anything and probably thought he would continue to walk free. One video of the song on Youtube is over 4 years old with 2.2 million views. One of the greatest ru’mors following Kelly outside of stories about him and young ladies has been the rumor that he cannot read or compose.

Kelly admits to this as well, singing about dropping out of school and not being able to read a teleprompter at the Grammy Awards. He calls himself a broke legend,

and sings about having to borrow money from the tag and owing the IRS $20 million. Kelly claims the IRS th*eatened to take his house and he was living out of Homewood Suites for a period.


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