VIDEO: Joe Rogan Urges The Rock To ‘Come Clean’ About His Use Of Steroids

VIDEO: Joe Rogan Urges The Rock To ‘Come Clean’ About His Use Of Steroids

Joe Rogan gave a suggestion on his podcast that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is using steroids and should ‘come clean’ about how he got his ‘preposterous physique’.

Rogan made the comment on Saturday later the social media sensation Liver King was outed as a steroid-user and pushed to apologize for lying to his fans that his body was natural. To justify the allegations, Rogan suggested that The Rock, who is currently 50 year old,

was smaller when he was 30 and that the swap couldn’t have been get without steroids. Brian Johnson – better famous as Liver King – mentioned in a 6-minute video on Friday that he has done steroids in the past and is constantly to receive 0.6ml of testosterone every week.

Johnson was showed when emails leaked in which he was trying to order steroids in spite of advocating to his millions of fans a diet of beef brains, bull testicles and raw animal livers. The rock should come clean right now,’ told Rogan. ‘There’s not a f*****g opportunity in hell he’s clean.Not a opportunity in hell. As big as The Rock is? At 50? He’s so biggest and he’s so different than he was when he was 30.’ he told. Rogan went on to describe that however he doesn’t disagree with the use of steroids altogether its essential to be honest.

‘I don’t wonder there’s anything wrong with hormone replacement,’ told Rogan. ‘There’s a responsibility you have to people that are listening to you.’ He also acknowledged that he began using testosterone cream when he was in his 30s. In the episode Rogan’s guest, Derek,

fitness educator at the back of ‘More Plates, More Dates’, tells him that The Rock has not ‘point blank’ refused that he uses steroids but ‘has implied it quite heavily’.


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