VIDEO: Brittney Griner Safe & On Her Way Home After Being Released From Russia Detention Center

VIDEO: Brittney Griner Safe & On Her Way Home After Being Released From Russia Detention Center

The liberation of Brittney Griner! Today, it was confirmed that Brittney Griner is on her way home, allowing the Griner family to start making peace. Griner has spent a large portion of the year in de*ention in Russia, where the c*uel ju’stice system would have given him a pun’ishing nine-year term.

Today we finally learned that she is returning home after months of hard work by the U.S. administration to win her release. Released from a de*ention facility in Russia, Brittney Griner is “safe and on her way home.” Only a month prior, the Griner family’s situation

was dire after Brittney received the maximum pu*ishment of nine years in connection with “smu*gling things into Russia,” despite the fact that she had obtained the prescription lawfully in Arizona. In a conversation with Gayle King,

Cherelle Griner informed the public about how bad things had gotten for Brittney and how she had all but given up hope. When it was revealed that Griner’s le*al team had lost contact with the athlete and that she had been taken to a se*ret location to serve her sent’ence,

things only became sca’rier. Maria Alyokhina, a singer, revealed what it was like to serve time in one of Russia’s severe prisons and what Griner might be going through. She told NPR, “It’s a labour camp.” She claimed that more than 100 women were housed in a

barracks with only three toilets and cold water. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been coordinating with Russian authorities to secure Griner’s release, and we finally learned today that she was released in exchange for a Russian arms dealer

who was being held by the United States. According to Biden, he spoke with Griner a few hours ago and she is safe and travelling by plane. He said, “She should have been there all along, and she will soon be back in the arms of her loved ones. Many think that Paul Whelan,

another American citizen, is still being held captive by the Russian authorities who used Griner as a pawn. Formerly serving as a U.S. a Marine who was det*ined in 2018 on su*picion of espionage for Russia Cherelle Griner, the husband of Brittney Griner,

was shown with President Biden in the Oval Office and expressed her sincere gratitude for his assistance in achieving her wife’s release. Griner will first be brought to a hospital in San Antonio,

where she will be examined and treated. Others are disappointed that, despite spending much longer in Russian de*ention than Whelan, he was unable to secure Whelan’s release. Most people believe that Griner’s situation became too well-known and compelled the United States to act soon.


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