VA Tech Athlete Who Took Tinder Date’s Life After Learning She’s A 40-Yr- Old Man, Returns To College

VA Tech Athlete Who Took Tinder Date’s Life After Learning She’s A 40-Yr- Old Man, Returns To College

It has been a wild ride for Virginia Tech Football player Isimemen Etute. The student had a hookup go tragically wrong in April of 2021 and ended in the demise of the “young lady” he thought he was entertaining that evening.

The wild road to redemption has been making news ever since. In spite of being acquitted prior this year, Etute had yet to return to school till not so far. Let’s check in with him and see how he’s managing life following the his acquittal.Isimemen Etute met a young lady on Tinder whom he starts talking to in his freshman year of college. The young women’s name was Angie Renee, a 21-year-old emergency room physician. Isimemen Etute was a linebacker for the football team.

The duo encounter on April 10th and had an close interaction. The young women allegedly had a reputation for connecting with many students on campus. Although, the other ones did not interact with her like Etute did, asserting they left her apartment feeling “uncomfortable.” They speculated that Angie was truly a man posing as a lady.Isimemen Etute is told to have returned to Angie’s house a second time to see if the rumors were true. When he found that Angie was actually a man named Jerry Smith, Jerry reached for a weapon under the bed. Etute began kicking and stomping Smith,

with Smith somehow not surviving the scuffle. He was discovered a few days after with severe injuries to his face and pronounced deceased. Isimemen Etute was placed on house arrest for a time, and then on bond. Finally, he and his team argued that the incident was an act of self-defense on his part.The court permitted, and Etute was discover not guilty and free to began his life over again. Following the May verdict, Etute tweeted, “God is Good.” On June 3rd, he shared a screenshot of an email disclosing to his followers that he would be transferring from Virginia Tech to another school.

He captioned the post, “New startings…. It’s now disclosed that Etute transferred to Iowa Western Community College. He will also be playing football once again. His attorney confirmed, “He reached out to them himself and talked with the coaches. I wonder it’s going to be a good fit.” Isimemen Etute has not tweeted since August but is probably ecstatic,

and his last duo of posts showed he was waiting to get back to the sport he loved. “Restless again,” he shared June 8th with a video of his highlights at Virginia Tech Iowa Western Community College not so far participated in the NJCAA Championship Game and has finished in the top 5 of the NJCAA Top 20 in 10 of the last 11 seasons, as per The Roanoke Times.


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