Vanessa Williams’ Daughter Is A Celebrity, But Many Of Her Fans Don’t Know They’re Related

Vanessa Williams’ Daughter Is A Celebrity, But Many Of Her Fans Don’t Know They’re Related

Actress and vocalist, Vanessa Williams is mother to four kids. Each of them are carving their own ways in this world, without leaning on her name. One of them in particular has chosen to follow in her mother’s path, but has done so by building her brand all on her own.

so much so, that for the longest time, most of her fans never even knew the 2 familiar with each other. Below is a throwback clip of Vanessa Williams with 2 of her 3 daughters…but today, her second-to-eldest baby is a 33-year-old lady fulfilling her musical dreams.

Jillian Hervey is the daughter of Ramon Hervey (Vanessa’s former-spousd) and the legendary, Vanessa Williams. You may not familiar her by her name, but her neo-soul group, Lionbabe (of which Jillian’s the lead vocalist), is very well familiar amongst their hundreds of thousands of fans.

When Lion Babe came together, their goal wasn’t just to deliver good music, but they desired to send a message to the world. Lion Babe’s motto is about embracing your uniqueness and rockin’ it. The neo-soul group is comprised of two members: singer, Jillian Hervey,

and record producer, Lucas Goodman. The group derived it’s name from Goodman’s zodiac sign, as he is a Leo and from Hervey’s golden mane, which resembles that of a lion. Both Goldman and Hervey made a musical relation when Hervey was attending a New York college.

A dance major interested in performance art, Hervey had the task of performing a dance to original music. She familiar exactly who to call. Later contacting Goodman, they had a conversation that led to Hervey’s interest in signing. Goodman motivates her and

he believed her soulful sound was very similar to Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu. With a strong underground following, the group has revealed for rapper, Childish Gambino (a.k.a. actor, Donald Glover), and collaborated with super music producer,

Pharrell Williams. In 2015, Lion Babe launched the song, “Wonder Woman,” which goes on to peak at number one on Billboard’s interactive chart, ‘Billboard Twitter Emerging Artists.’


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