Vanessa Bryant Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Helicopter Company: Claims Pilot Was Reckless

Vanessa Bryant Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Helicopter Company: Claims Pilot Was Reckless

Following the passing of her husband, retired NBA All-Star Kobe Bryant, and daughter Gigi Bryant, Vanessa Bryant filed a wrongful d*ath lawsuit, alleging that the helicopter’s owner and pilot were both neg’ligent. The wi’dow as’serts in court documents acquired by

TMZ that Island Express was only permitted to fly in accordance with visual flight regu’lations. On the c’ras’h day, there were unfavourable weather conditions for the helicopter to fly in, including very light fog. The pilot was reportedly travelling at 180

mph while flying in dense fog with poor visibility. According to the la’w’su’it, Island Express, the business that owned the chopper, used inappropriate and needlessly un safe transportation methods under the given conditions.

The pilot was also given a large portion of the g*ilt because it was claimed that he neglected to gather accurate weather information before the flight. He is accused of failing to properly monitor and assess the weather prior to takeoff, hold onto control of the helicopter,

end the flight once he realized it was cloudy, and avoid “natural impediments” in his path of travel. Additionally, the records mentioned the pilot’s prior disciplinary actions. Air tra*fic control at Burbank Airport granted special permission for Zobayan to fly over the city’s airspace,

but it was up to him to decide whether to keep flying after leaving Burbank’s control zone. The la*suit asks for unnamed financial damages. The latest statement from Island Express, which stated that all services had been discontinued following the in’cid’ent, was made on January

30, 2020, but the company has since removed all of its contact details from its website. In 2015, Ara George Zobayan received a wa*ning for flying into an area with poor visibility in vi*lation of the visual aviation rule minimums. Punitive damages are what Vanessa is requesting.

Although the la*suit does not indicate a precise sum sought, a litigation like this might yield compensation in the millions of dollars.


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