Vanessa Bryant Can Barely Keep It Together Following The Death Of Her Husband And Daughter

Vanessa Bryant Can Barely Keep It Together Following The Death Of Her Husband And Daughter

Everyone’s attention is on Vanessa Bryant, who has not yet responded to the loss of her husband and daughter, as more information about the c’ra’sh that ki*led Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, the pilot, Gianna’s teammates, and their parents emerges.

According to people close to the heart broken widow, Vanessa is presently going through a distressing amount of hardship. She scarcely manages to maintain composure, a source said. She is unable to complete a thought without sobbing.

However, she is making a lot of effort to put things together for the other girls. Now she has to be the one who is tough. The three additional daughters of the marriage, Natalia, 17, Bianka, 3, and 7-month-old Capri, also survive Kobe.

Vanessa is reportedly sur’rounded by those who care about both her and Kobe despite the tr*gedy. The second source said that she has a strong support system. The pair, who was married in April 2001, agreed to never take a helicopter trip together because of the possibility of an ac*ident.

The source informed the magazine on Monday that He and Vanessa had an agreement that they would never take a helicopter ride together. Bryant gave an explanation for why he chose to travel by helicopter in a 2018 interview with Barstool Sports.

Because I was stuck in traf’fic, I ended up missing a school performance, and this problem simply continued getting worse. On the episode, Bryant said, I had to figure out a method where I could still practice and focus on the art, but also not compromise family time.

That’s when I started researching helicopters and their ability to travel down and back up in 15 minutes. And that was the beginning of it.


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