Uncle Luke & Fat Joe Finally Squash Their Miami Hip-Hop Feud [Video]

Uncle Luke & Fat Joe Finally Squash Their Miami Hip-Hop Feud [Video]

Miami bass legend Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell and rapper Fat Joe have finally arrived at neutral ground after feuding over who played the most significant role in Miami rap.

The beef was sparked in May when the Terror Squad founder claimed to have been responsible for securing a record deal for DJ Khaled, Pitbull, and Trick Daddy during an appearance on the My Expert Opinion podcast. These comments didn’t sit right with Uncle Luke, who has been a staple in the South Florida hip-hop scene for decades. It appears that the clip just recently found its way to Luke, who shared it recently and explained how he was actually the one responsible for the men’s success.


“I love Joe, but I find this very interesting because I discovered @trickdaddydollars. He did his first song with me,” the 61-year-old wrote in an Instagram caption. He also spoke on the role he played in Pitbull’s massive success, explaining that it was essential to introduce a Latin rapper into the Miami music community.

“Because I’m from Miami, I felt the importance of signing a Cuban rapper, so I discovered him off of battle rap tapes,” he added.

It looks like the word must’ve gotten to Joe, who went live with the 2 Live Crew founder to clear the air. The Grammy-award nominated rapper gave Luke his flowers moments into the live, crediting the rapper and producer with “putting everybody on.” Joe then expounded on his initial comments, stating that he took Trick Daddy’s demo tape to Atlantic Records exec Craig Kallman, who ultimately offered him a record deal. In terms of the “Gasolina” artist, Joe acknowledges Luke was the one to discover him, but he is the one who referred him to a separate exec, who signed Pitbull to a record deal.

“I got nothing but respect for everybody in Miami. But, I believe this time, two people are right,” Joe told Luke, who was receptive to the explanation.

“You really are loved here, and you embrace the place,” Luke told the New York vet.

Once Joe hopped off the live, Luke stated that the conversation was a “teachable moment for hip-hop.” He carries the belief that people should be able to have meaningful talks when they have disagreements instead of resorting to violence.

Glad to see these two icons have cleared the air.


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