The Tragic Story: Why Millionaire Dad Of Lisa Raye & Da Brat Was Kil’led

The Tragic Story: Why Millionaire Dad Of Lisa Raye & Da Brat Was Kil’led

Da Brat and rapper Lisa Raye share the same biol’ogical father, David Ray McCoy. Lisa Raye is best known to us old schoolers as “Diamond” in the “Player’s Club.” Par’aplegic and a successful businessman from Southside Chicago, their ad’ored father was a pa’raplegic.

David McCoy was a well-known businessman who owned a number of hotels and night clubs as well as lending money to many individuals looking to launch their own ventures. His mu*de’r in 1988 left his daughters without a parent, according to accounts.

At some point, detectives learned why McCoy was ki*led: it was a pointless crime. On November 12, 1988, David McCoy’s body was discovered in the back seat of his Cadillac, which was parked in a South Side Chicago alley. He had been shot. 52 years old was his age.

Sheila Daniels, McCoy’s live-in partner of ten years, who was 32 at the time, and Tyrone, Daniels’ brother, who was 20 at the time, were found g*ilt’y of ki*li’ng McCoy in 1990. Tyrone received a 60-year term, while Sheila received an 80-year sentence.

The reason for McCoy’s mu*de’r has been the subject of num’erous reports. Chicago Tribune reports that Jehlan, Morgan, and Cynthia, three of McCoy’s four children, think Daniels kil*ed their father because she learned he was going to leave her out of his will.

While other accounts suggest that Daniels ki*led him following a do*es’tic dispute between the two over a high electric bill. Tyrone as’serted that he only sh*t McCoy after his sister Sheila had sh*t McCoy in the head. Then, according to reports, they left McCoy’s

body in the alley after driving it there in his Cadillac. Sheila Daniels was formally found g*ilt’y of their father’s mu*der on September 16, 1997, just one year before Lisa Raye made her acting debut in “The Players Club” and at the height of Da Brat’s multiplatinum selling career.

She had challenged her initial conviction from 1990, and she was ultimately found g*ilt’y for the same 80 years as her previous sent’ence. Da Brat and Lisa Raye haven’t discussed their father’s mu*de’r in public very often over the years. But on a previous episode of Lisa Raye’s reality series,

she sob’bed hy’sterically while visiting her father’s grave with her daughter. The two sisters are quite close, and along with their other sisters, they have undoubtedly made their pops proud.


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