The REAL Reason Why Ali’s YOUNGEST CHILD Says She Was Kept A SECRET

The REAL Reason Why Ali’s YOUNGEST CHILD Says She Was Kept A SECRET

Later Muhammad Ali died on June 3rd, there were so many questions left unanswered relating the champ we all love and respect. However, Ali was a biggest icon with a beautiful heart (which was proof via his activism and humanitarianism),

he was also just like the rest of us- a human being first. That too, became proof in not so far days, as family tensions immediately starts surfacing, which also reminded numerous of Ali’s 35 year old secret daughter. A little over a year and a half ago,she shed light on some the family drama when she was targeted to go to the social media and publicly request to “see him before he passes away,” referring to her father, Ali. Find out why she told her existence was kept a secret and where she stands TODAY, later her beloved dad has died…

Ali’s unknown daughter, Kiiursti Mensah-Ali, goes to media to publicly request with Ali’s wife, Lonnie, to let her see her dad “before he dies.” At the time of the interview, she told “I will probably be banned” from Ali’s funeral and she also opened many things that the public didn’t know1. Kiiursti’s mom, Barbara Mensah, was in a 20 year connection with Ali (and we have photo “receipts” to prove that on the next pages). 2. Kiiursti and her mom both claim that Ali’s wife, Lonnie, blocked Kiiursti out of Ali’s life later he became too ill from Parkinson’s disease to venture out on his own.

3. Ali and Kiiursti took 2 paternity tests in 1988- The first one was inconclusive because Ali had just had a blood transfusion, which interfered with the results; and then a 2nd test in 1988 proved that Kiiursti was 99.9% Ali’s kid.

4. Ali was in Kiiursti’s and her mom’s life consistently up until about 1985, shortly after Ali married his Lonnie in 1986. 5. Kiiursti opened Ali visited she and her Mom less often between her ages of 5 to 13 years old, but later that, all contact stopped and the only other time Kiiursti saw her dad was at his autograph signing in Dallas.6. “There’s nothing I need but his love. If Lonnie was not in his life, then I would be. I’d be his tenth official kid,” told Kiiursti in Sept. 2014. SEE WHAT KIIURSTI opened ABOUT SOME OF ALI’S OTHER kid>>>
Kiiursti told this about her mother and dad, Ali:

“My mother isn’t bitter, She knows it’s not his fault. When he was able to do stuffs, it was OK. Then Lonnie got in his head. Then he got sick. That was the end for me.” As long as her 9 siblings on her fathers told, Kiiursti told she’s encounter with Laila Ali many times and even went to a few of her battle; she talks to Muhammad Ali Jr. regularly;

she’s spoken with Maryum; she conversed with Hana a few times on Facebook; she reached out to Ali’s twins, Jamillah and Rasheda, and then Kiiursti included: “The rest told I just desired money. I said, ‘Seriously, you just don’t familiar what’s going on, do you?.’”


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