The Full House Spinoff Will Introduce Us To Danny Tanner’s Wife

The Full House Spinoff Will Introduce Us To Danny Tanner’s Wife

Following the announcement that the Full House spinoff Fuller House got a series order from Netflix, almost all communication revolved over which actors from the show would be reprising their characters. Currently, we finally familiar.

about a duo of the new roles fans can expect to see, and one of them is Danny Tanner’s new wife. For everyone who was wondering that Danny and Vicky ended up together in a whimsical turn of nature, pardon to disappoint you. As per, TV Line,Danny hooked up with a younger black lady named Teri, and the show is looking to cast someone who is “vivacious” and awesome the role will apparently have “quite an appetite for Danny and isn’t scared to shower him with love,”

so the actress will presumably need to be comfortable with sucking face with Bob Saget on the general.
Considering how same the storylines are between this spinoff and the flagship series – a main role with a dead husband calls on friends and family to help raise kids.having a various like this is quite fantastic. Full House was not a show where black roles popped up with much frequency outside of Michelle’s friend group. (What up, Teddy and Denise!) It will be great to have some recurring diversity in the cast that goes beyond “twin or not twin.”

Andrea Barber’s Kimmy Gibbler is one of the new series’ main characters, and it seem her former-spouse is being cast as well. (Spoiler: she didn’t end up marrying the backwards cap-wearing Duane.) The guy who landed Kimmy and got her expecting is named Fernando,and he’s being opened as “inappropriately passionate.” Supposed to his unbounded love for the females possibly goes beyond the marital ties that bind, and that may have had something to do with why they broke up. That doesn’t stop him from trying to reignite a connection with Kimmy, and his close ties with their daughter Ramona presumably put the parents together frequently enough.


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