The ‘Barbie’ Teaser Trailer With Margot Robbie Is A Parody Of A Stanley Kubrick Movie (Obviously) [Video]

The ‘Barbie’ Teaser Trailer With Margot Robbie Is A Parody Of A Stanley Kubrick Movie (Obviously) [Video]

One of the biggest pops from the audience during my opening night screening of Avatar: The Way of Water had nothing to do with Pandora. Instead, it happened before the movie even began: when the words “directed by Greta Gerwig,” all written in pink, appeared on screen. Folks, our first look at Barbie, the most important movie of 2023, is here, and it looks… unexpected.

On Friday, Warner Bros. Pictures debuted the first teaser trailer for the film directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie as the titular doll and Ryan Gosling as Ken.

Narration by Helen Mirren in the trailer (which is done in the style of the iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey) explains how Barbie changed the landscape for toys when children played mostly with baby dolls beforehand. Robbie, as Barbie, winks at the camera before fans see quick glimpses of the colorful film.

The cast also includes Issa Rae, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, Simu Liu, Michael Cera, America Ferrera and more. It’s written by Gerwig and her partner Noah Baumbach.

Coming off of controversy regarding the doll in years prior, Robbie, 32, previously spoke about some misconceptions of the film to British Vogue soon after news of the production broke.

“People generally hear Barbie and think, ‘I know what that movie is going to be,’ ” she began at the time. “Then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and directing it, and they’re like, ‘Oh, well, maybe I don’t….’ ”

Although she acknowledged that the character “comes with a lot of baggage,” Robbie was excited for the challenge of taking on such an iconic role. Evoking “a lot of nostalgic connections,” said Robbie, the film has a large, pre-established fan base — “But with that come a lot of exciting ways to attack it.”

In July, when PEOPLE asked Gosling, 42, what it was like to “break the internet” with playful online reactions to his photo reveal in character as Ken, he joked, “Well, the internet has been trying to break me for years. It gave me no other choice.”

Gosling continued, “We’ve been having so much fun making this movie and it felt nice to see everyone else start having as much fun as we are. I can’t wait for the film to come out


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