Terminally lll Teen Dances for the last Time with Mom at her Prom

Terminally lll Teen Dances for the last Time with Mom at her Prom

When a youngster decided to pa’instakingly difficult plan to stop her bat’tling, she able to understand her mother would take it too rough.

But prior saying last goodbye, the mom and-daughter pair have an great moment that would for lasts be with their heart.

Life is categories with glimpse of sheer admiration , sh’ocking, sadness, and pain. It’s frequently told that sadness and pain swap people most expected.

Nobody will be for lasts; although, the huge who loved one left us at back he available with us far later they’re left.

During we can’t revolve back the hands of period, the lesser we can do is celebrate our lovable time during they end and enjoy them for the lest time. The life we’re sharing today circled around a same way.

Jerika Bolen able with her mom, Jen Bolen, in Appleton, Wisconsin. “My Chemical mystery” was her lovable band; she celebrate backing YouTube stars. She had her hairs in purple color,

she have wore green lipstick, and also went to the shopping mall. Her social media facebook account feed was charged with funny jokes and beauty classes.

At 8 months old, named, Jerika was get to know with Spinal Muscular Atrophy level 2, an untreatable disease because of that disease she came onto the wheelchair because she won’t able to walk properly. Her brain is working normally but all phases of time like breathing and swallowing make her severe pain.

She can talk properly but can never be walk on her own the d’isease is de’adly, she only move her head and her hands easily. When jerika become 8 year old her pain became more Unhandable. She have done many operations to cure her muscle contractions and her body movement her pain was about at 7, 8 on a 10 scale mostly days.


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