Teen Gets Sh-ot 12 Times & Taunts Sh-ooters with a TikTok Video at Hospital: I’m Still Alive

Teen Gets Sh-ot 12 Times & Taunts Sh-ooters with a TikTok Video at Hospital: I’m Still Alive

A Black American teenage boy has opened that he survived later getting sh*t 12 times by members of an opposing gang. He took to TikTok to tease his assailants, details them that he’s still alive in spite of the at’tempt on his life.

The young boy was remain lying in the hospital bed and making the clip mo’cking his opps for failing in their plan. As per him, two out of the 12 bu*lets sh*t at him hit his face but later a successful su*gery he was able to come out alive.

In the vi’ral clip, the teenager displayed g’ang gesticulations and signs, which adds tattoos on his a*m. He captioned; ”Shot 12x, twice in the face area and I’m still alive.” Watch the full video below: In response, @DonDadaNYC wrote; At 19 the only opps you should have is college calculation.

@VanBeyessa; I been told that they like this shit and are ok with it. Wish everyone would stop pretending otherwise. @Brenthusiast; If I got shot twelve times I’m not telling shit. I’m letting them think I’m not alive so the get back we’ll be fully unexpected @Jab_Jab_Right;

is that a bul’let hole in his FOREHEAD They truly desired him de’ad and he’s making tiktoks. @shiizere; now when the spin the block i don’t desired see no gofundme posted. @problemchild911; young, dumb generation going devastated and can’t

blame em cause look at the shit these grown mfs who apparently to be mentors out here doing @GAIASTRAPHOUSE; this is the time to go into hiding and unoriginal your de’ath not be on the clock app @4burna_; God gives you 2nd opportunity at life and this is what you do Meanwhile,

CorrectNG prioe said a trending clip which showed a ro*bery gone wrong moment involving two ladies who tried to steal from two fellow lady. The tried robbery took place in the hallway of a residential building and it was captured by a neighbour’s CCTV camera.

The 2 ladies ro*bers who wore face masks could be seen walking up the stairs to wait for their su*pect on the upper floor. When the 2 girls who live in the building reached their floor and were heading to their apartment, the ro*bers suddenly rushed down to try and dispossess them of their belongings

but one of the residents was holding a fi*ea*m. She fi*ed g*nsh*ts in their target and the as’sailants had to take to their heels. But it looked like one of them was hit by bul’let.

In the video a man who heard the fi*ea*m go off opened his door to find out what was happening, but he did not spend seconds outside his apartment before he quickly shut the door.


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