Taye Diggs Gets Married To Omarion’s Baby Mama Apryl Jones

Taye Diggs Gets Married To Omarion’s Baby Mama Apryl Jones

Exclusive: Taye Diggs gets married to Omarion‘s baby mama, Apryl Jones! The two have been going out for a while now and seem very happy.

Taye Diggs, 51, and 35-year-old TV personality Apryl Jones have been together for a few months now and the two are incredibly happy together.

Apryl is best known as a starring cast member on Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, and she’s also the mother to R&B singer Omarion’s two children.

And ever since they started going out together, both Taye and Apryl have been very present on social media, showing the world just how well they get along.

And how good Apryl is at karaoke.

Now, eagled-eyed fans think Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones are married, thanks to one of their most recent videos on social media. Taye recently shared a video called “sharing our lives this weekend,” where they lie in bed together and do karaoke.

Which seemed like a lot of fun.

But fans noted that the two seemed to be both wearing matching wedding rings on that finger. So far, neither confirmed or denied the rules. But it does seem like they have a great lot of fun together and it would be the most normal step.

Congratulations to the couple!

Taye Diggs and Love And Hip Hop star Apryl Jones may keep most of their relationship details private, but nonetheless, they’ve still landed on the list of our favorite couples. We all aspire to have the infinite joy, love, and appreciation that they share for one another.

Diggs, 51, was recently feeling the spirit of gratitude and took to Instagram with a wholesome message. Here’s what he had to say!

“As an adult, there are times in life where you can’t believe what you are blessed with,” the actor shared on social media. “I feel really lucky to have the career I have, coming from nothing and then getting to be where I am.”

Diggs continued, “The fact that this woman is in love with me…that’s how I know, praise you, lord Jesus or buddha or universe, ’cause somehow she’s next to me,” the All-American actor said of Jones, 35.

It is clear that the duo really enjoys each other’s company. The couple are often sharing fun moments from their union on social media.

After Jones responded to Diggs’ affirmation with sweet touches, he ended the video by saying, “So, for all you people out there who don’t think there’s God or no higher being or no higher force…y’all I know there is ’cause someone’s lookin’ out after me, boy!”

Fans are certain that Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones have found their match in each other.

The couple confirmed their relationship in early February after being spotted getting cozy at a party months earlier. Since then, Diggs and Jones have kept their social media followings abreast of many of their shenanigans via videos showing off their playful sides.

Now, it seems as though Jones’ two children are enveloped in her and her beau’s silly and entertaining moments. The former “Love & Hip Hop” Hollywood” cast member shares two children, son Megaa and daughter A’mei, with her former boyfriend, B2K frontman Omarion.

While many were celebrating Thanksgiving by breaking bread with their loved ones, the “All American” star and Jones were doing that and then some. In a video posted to Instagram, Diggs gave fans a peek into the antics he and A’mei were up to.

The actor and Jones’ mini playfully stared each other down while saying, “Hey, do you wanna dance tonight?” In the background, Cameo’s hit song “Word Up” is heard playing as Diggs and A’mei break out into dance. Jones is heard behind the camera egging on their high jinks.

More than 49,000 people watched the clip, with another 1,000 leaving comments. One person wrote, “He is definitely training her for acting!! LOVE TO SEE IT!!”

“Lmaoooo she’s gonna be a wonderful actress one day because of this silly man! Tay you’re an awesome potential step daddayyyyyy!” wrote a second user.

And a third commented, “So cute!! She’s keeps hanging out with him and she will become a star!! Love their personality.”

However, more than a few people saw the sweet bonding moment as a sign that Diggs and Jones should take their relationship to the next level.

Those comments included:

“I can not wait until he proposes to her.”

“We can’t wait till y’all get married! You are definitely soulmates!”

“I’m ready for the ringgggg nowwww.”


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