Tami Roman Gave Husband One Year To Have Baby With Another Woman, Now She’s Backtracking..

Tami Roman Gave Husband One Year To Have Baby With Another Woman, Now She’s Backtracking..

Tami Roman ignited the world with her remarks, which many interpreted as a license for her husband to commit adultery. She seems to be retracting her remarks, though. The actress and former reality star explains what she meant and updates the situation with her husband.

Tami Roman, a former Basketball Wives star, secretly wed Reggie Youngblood on August 17, 2018, according to PEOPLE. The Ms. Pat Show star, though, was previously married to former New Jersey Nets player Kenny Anderson before they started dating.Two girls were born to them after their union. Lyric, Tami Roman’s first child, was born in 1994. Jazz, her second child, was born in 1996. Reggie Youngblood, her 35-year-old husband, is childless. Tami Roman, 52, and her husband don’t have any children together,

but they want to. She did, however, return on The Real in 2021 to clarify that she was prepared to let her husband have a child with someone else while they were apart. Tami Roman also stated that she was prepared to work with Reggie Youngblood as a co-parent to raise the child.She did, however, add that her husband wasn’t interested in taking that path. Tami Roman received some criticism from women on social media who disagreed with her views once her remarks were made public. Some people referred to her as “stupid,”

while others warned that she might regret making this choice. However, it seems that what she said was misunderstood, therefore Tami Roman would want to clarify. She clarified that the “break” she was talking to during a recent interview with Revolt was him.

travelling with her and spending some time to find an appropriate surrogate for them. She also described the drawn-out procedure of obtaining a surrogate. Tami Roman also made it plain that she wasn’t pushing Reggie Youngblood to have an extramarital affair.


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