Although TakeOff has been put to rest, the perpetrator is still at large. Social media has been flooded with information about the night he was shot,

and numerous internet investigators are attempting to solve the case themselves. Despite numerous attempts to provide the Houston PD with leads, it seems that no information about the state of the case has been made public. The funeral for TakeOff is now in the past,

and the family is asking questions. The Houston Police Department’s chief criticised the hip-hop scene for its rising crime rate on November 1. He argued that the genre ought to be preserved rather than obliterated and that he intended to begin in his hometown.

We must all stand together to stop anyone from destroying that sector. I want to talk to some musicians about how we can slow things down. I’m contacting everyone. We must enforce our own laws. The Hip Hop community is the only segment of the music business that experiences these kinds of losses,

fans acknowledged. Country music performers aren’t typically seen being murdered by fans. We need to improve. This needs to end. This message impacts differently coming from a black American than it would from a white American, for better or worse,

said another user in a tweet. I’m hoping it will have a positive effect. There have not yet been any arrests made, at least not in front of the public, despite people naming suspects like Houston resident Jas Prince and even a member of Quavo’s crew.

Now that TakeOff has been buried, someone tweeted. Can the Houston Police Department begin to make arrests. Justice must be speedy because I’m sick of waiting. Even though his family is devastated, his fans are enraged. TakeOff’s aunt

and Quavo’s sister turned to Instagram to demand answers. God might occasionally need to remove you from circumstances in order for the good to come. Just be aware that there will be more platinum records, accolades, number-one hits, and sold-out performances this time around.

It can only get better with this season. And to be completely honest, I am overjoyed. She continued by commending them for their perseverance in the face of evil’s attempts to win, and she admonished them to prepare for the abundance of benefits. @quavohuncho @yrntakeoff you both

are aware of my approach to y’all. Always and forever, that place was there, loud and encouraging. The album has amazing sound! So congratulations on your platinum album; more success is on the way.