Takeoff FAMILY DRAMA…Dies WITHOUT Will…Now Mother & Father May FIGHT Over Fortune!

Takeoff FAMILY DRAMA…Dies WITHOUT Will…Now Mother & Father May FIGHT Over Fortune!

Migos’ youngest rapper Takeoff was brutally murdered on Nov. 1 and was laid to rest last week. As the late rapper’s fans and family mourn his loss, there’s also trouble brewing within Takeoff’s family regarding the millions of fortune that he left behind.

Close sources have revealed that neither Takeoff, nor his family were prepared for the rapper’s demise due to which there could be complications regarding his estate. It is beings said that the late 28-year-old rapper did not have a WILL.

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Rapper Takeoff’s was brutally murdered earlier this month and the family is still mourning the young rapper’s sudden death. Though it’s a very difficult time for the family, there’s has been some trouble brewing as Takeoff’s father and mother are not on good terms.

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According to many sources, Takeoff born Kirshnik Khari Ball was raised by his mother alone and his father wasn’t really in the scene when he grew up.

However, now, the rapper’s father and his relatives beg to differ and have been proving that they had all been very important parts of Takeoff’s life. And the source is revealing that there could be a problem soon regarding the rapper’s wealth because he did not leave a WILL behind.


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As per the source, Takeoff did not prepare a WILL and since he did not have kids, as per Georgia state law, all his estate will go to his immediate family – which is mother and father.

And as already reported, they are not on very good terms, they could be facing conflict soon regarding the rapper’s millions of wealth. After the death of Takeoff, his father took to social media to express his grief, giving people the impression that they were on good terms.

However, the source has spilled that Takeoff’s mother and father especially do not get along.

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Moreover, the rapper’s father’s side of the family is also coming forward to show their involvement which is making fans believe that they’re all after Takeoff’s estate which will go to the closest member of his family.

Here’s the rapper’s father and other family members expressing their grief on social media:

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Takeoff was shot multiple times in the torso when he was at a bowling alley with Migos member, also his uncle Quavo. The murder occurred after an altercation ensued during a game of dice at the mall. Several people witnessed Takeoff’s death as he was shot in the middle of the mall.

“This morning at 2:34 a.m. officers received a call of a shooting in progress. Officers arrived there shortly thereafter — a downtown location, Billiards & Bowling Alley. They came upon a male who was deceased. That male has been identified as Kirsnick Ball, better known as Takeoff. He’s a member of the Migos rap group, out of Atlanta,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said.

“A private party was booked out for the event — after that ended, a large group of people gathered at the front door area outside of the building, and that led to an argument where the shooting took place from the disagreement,” he added.


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