Takeoff Died Without A Will And His Estranged Family, Mother & Father Are Fighting Over His Wealth

Takeoff Died Without A Will And His Estranged Family, Mother & Father Are Fighting Over His Wealth

While still living, rapper Takeoff rarely referenced his father when describing his family. His mother Latabia Woodward, his uncle Quavo, and his cousin Offset have always been there. In comparison to his father family, the Migos musician was more forthcoming about his maternal family.

Since Latabia raised Takeoff while they were apart from Kenneth and supposedly banned the rapper from having a relationship with him, we all assumed that Takeoff’s father, Kenneth Ball,was definitely an absent parent because he never spoke out against the neglect of the rapper while he was still alive. However, following the terrible passing of Takeoff, his paternal family which includes his father Kenneth and a few cousins is calling for recognition in addition to a cut of the rapper’s fortune.

The family Is criticizing the media for portraying Kenneth as a single parent and is prepared to bring Latabia, Takeoff’s mother, into the controversy over the young rapper’s success. These people claim that Takeoff and Kenneth Ball had a close enough relationship for Kenneth to gain from his millions.So, only two days after his funeral, the estranged relatives have moved on from their grief and are prepared to argue over who should receive a piece of the deceased’s wealth. Since Takeoff passed away without leaving a will, the drama can end up in court.

Rapper Takeoff from The Migos passed away two weeks ago, and he was finally laid to rest on Friday in a moving ceremony in Atlanta, according to media takeout reports. Media Take Out has learned that Takeoff’s family is currently embroiled in conflict,

which may be related to the MILLIONS that the rapper made during his lifetime and will continue to make even after his passing. Recently, the family members of Takeoff’s father started conversing on social media, implying that the father and

Takeoff did have a relationship and that the father was actively involved in raising him. Whatever the case, we do know that Takeoff’s father Kenneth was undoubtedly distraught to learn of the passing of his first child. Normal families establish foundations to support the

cause that caused their loved one to pass away, but in the instance of Takeoff’s gun tragedy, they are already battling over who is deserving of what. Even though the killer has not yet been apprehended by the police, it does not matter because there are millions of dollars to fight over.


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