Surprise: Shaunie Henderson Treats her Husband to A Month long Yacht Trip for his Birthday

Surprise: Shaunie Henderson Treats her Husband to A Month long Yacht Trip for his Birthday

Brand newly weds Shaunie Henderson and her spouse Keion Henderson are living their lovely life together!

The couple currently sailed the European sea to not only enjoying their wedding but also the pastor’s birthday. Have a look what we know much!

The Basketball wife famous creative chatted with people about the month-far yacht knowledge. Shaunie said that I was able to make all this plan with everybody for our honeymoon and his birthday I was wonder to make him surprise and feel special.

It was something that I acknowledge with he hadn’t performed prior. He obviously adored the water. So I decided, ‘Let’s just went all out.’” The trip started in Monaco and goes around the French coast prior coming to an stopped in Italy.

Keion happily remember, “We goes 7 or may be 8 places. I’ve never encounter kinder personally.
He said about the search of his favorite place was capri because he went every area of that side.

I goes to the peace side where they did all the water plays, and we watched the caves there. Then we went to the another area with the fantastic shopping and the amazing restaurants and the buisness of the island.”

Shaunie told she was not only happy about celebrating the scenery with her spouse, but also the meal of there. She mentioned, “We’re on this pretty yacht that has a own chef. They quite much make whatever we goes,

but I was numerous glad to get off of the yacht and venture out in every point and get to taste their meal and street foods and went to the various restaurants that are known in that area. I wonder I’d have to say my lovable restaurant was Chez Black. I know that’s exactly have a lot of people’s favorite, but it was the vibe there which people can feel there.”


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