Steve Harvey’s Radio Co- Host Shirley Strawberry & Her Hubby Hit w/Lawsuit & Allegations

Steve Harvey’s Radio Co- Host Shirley Strawberry & Her Hubby Hit w/Lawsuit & Allegations

Here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, we love us few Shirley Strawberry. Sure her boss, Steve Harvey, perhaps have had a few controversial moments this past year, where he’s disappointed trully near all of his fans. Although,

the ever-so-eloquent Shirley has remained classy and controversy-free via all of it all, as we listen to her co-host The Steve Harvey Morning radio show. Just liek the rest of us basic folks nevertheless, celebrities go via drama, ups, downs and everything in between.Unfortunately this not so far news about Shirley and her spouse, Ernesto Williams, can be filed underneath their ‘drama’ category. Supposed to the lovebirds have managed to piss off their landlord. So much so, that told landlord has now taken legal action over them.

The landlord is asserting that Shirley and Ernesto have stuck ’em for their paper and has now blasted them in the media over it. Check out the info below. Through, TMZ: Shirley Strawberry…is being filed by the homeowner’s leasing agent, Pacific Shore Property Management,asserting Shirley and her spouse were deadbeat tenants. In the documents, obtained by TMZ, PSP says Shirley had a 1-year lease for $7,500 a month. Shirley paid the first month’s but May’s payment was 25 days late. Later, that Shirley paid zilch. The homeowner tells TMZ …

Shirley made nothing but excuses about why rent was late. The owner adds sheriff’s eventually came to evict her in September but Shirley bounced minutes before they visited. Pacific Shore is suing for rent owed and late fees. We’ve head out to Shirley, so far no word back.Like the Old School saying goes, ‘problems don’t last always,’ so this, too, will pass for the lovebirds. The good news about Shirley and her spouse nevertheless, is that they’re remain going strong!

Some of you all may recall when Ernesto surprised the hell outta Shirley, by having Steve and the rest of the Harvey Show staff support him surprise her with his on-air marriage proposal in 2014…


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