Steve Harvey Show Actress’ Hubby Makes Huge Claims & Demands After Filing For Divorce

Steve Harvey Show Actress’ Hubby Makes Huge Claims & Demands After Filing For Divorce

Remember actress, Wendy Raquel Robinson? She first made her big splash in Hollywood, later co-starring as the school principal, with Steve Harvey in “The Steve Harvey Show” sitcom. She also made major noise on the ex hit series, “The Game.”

However, she’s starred in many other roles throughout her career, it’s her role as a wife to her spouse of 15 years, that she was privately devoted to for pretty some time. That is, apparently until stuffs unfortunately starts to break down between them.

That breakdown couldn’t have been more prevalent than when her spouse, Marco Perkins, surprisingly filed for divorce a few days ago at an L.A. county courthouse. Currently, it’s just been allegedly that not just is he ready to throw in the towel on their union, but he desired the divorce judge to do him a favor too.

Wendy Raquel Robinson’s estranged hubby, Marco Perkins, aaserts in divorce docs — obtained by TMZ — he needs Wendy to pay him significant spousal support when their split is all told and done ’cause she reportedly left him destitute later he had a stroke back in 2015.Marco says he enjoyed a lavish lifestyle while married to Wendy, and is questioning a judge to make her cough up at least $10,000 a month so he can managed that life — including that she can afford it, since he believes her monthly income is in the ballpark of $200k/month. …

Marco sued for split last week after 15 years together with Wendy. They have no minor kid. At this point, its not clear if Marc’s said, stroke left him with any type of permanent medical damage. Hopefully whatever matters he and Wendy are,
it won’t turn out to be a brief fight like Mary J. Blige and Kendu’s divorce was. With exception of Marc mentioning his stroke in the split docs, the rest of his demands and asserts sound somewhat similar to Kendu’s.

Kendu asserted that Mary left him broke and destitute and he also once asserted that he ended up hospitalized with a medical condition as a outcome.gratefully, those 2 have now settled the score for an undisclosed amount of money for Kendu, but only for the heck of it, here’s a sudden recap of where they once were:


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