The daughters of Steve Harvey are under his strict control. Steve Harvey is all too aware of the genuine love that fathers have for their daughters. The legendary comic is the father of four women. Lori Harvey, one of his daughters, has been seeing actor

Michael B. Jordan for more than a year, and it doesn’t seem like things will slow down any time soon. According to the proverb, “marriage comes before love,” but Steve Harvey doesn’t appear to want that to happen. Certainly not soon, if ever.

In January 2021, Michael B. Jordan, who plays Lori Harvey in the film Black Panther, made their relationship known to the world. In addition to discussing their friendship, Steve Harvey has also shared his opinions on Michael B. Jordan.

Harvey frequently compliments the actor for being an honest and true person. He also seemed to be okay with Jordan dating his stepdaughter. However, the author of Act Like a Lady,

Think Like a Man finds situations where they publicly demonstrate their affection to be unpleasant as well. Steve Harvey recently paid a visit to Today With Hoda and Jenna. Many fathers aren’t ready to ask their children the kind of inquiry that was posed to him.

The hosts asked the comic if he would agree if Michael B. Jordan proposed to Lori Harvey in a game of “Sip or Spill,” and then invited him to participate. The Inquiry was followed by a long pause, and Steve Harvey let out a heavy sigh. The hosts then start to giggle as

he continues to consider his reply. One of Steve Harvey’s children, Lori Harvey, is well-known to most people. The bulk are in the model’s and social media influencer’s grasp. Steve Harvey is truly privileged and just as overprotective of his three other kids.

Morgan Harvey Hawthorne, whose mother is Harvey’s present spouse Marjorie Harvey, is his oldest stepdaughter. Brandi Harvey, who established the fitness platform “Beyond Her” and is also quite successful, is said to have a net worth of $5 million.

As the Executive Director of her parents’ foundation, she also contributes to its management. Karli Harvey Raymond, Brandi’s twin, is also accomplished in her own right because she works for the Steve and Marjorie Foundation and is a hairstylist.

According to reports, Karli is worth about $20 million. The T-12 entertainment firm, according to a 2016 Bossip report, reportedly defrauded Morehouse and Spelman alumni out of more than $300k for their homecoming festivities. Although Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan are undoubtedly in love,

Steve Harvey need not fret about their impending nuptials. Michael B. Jordan recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and talked about his love for his girlfriend. Steve Harvey, meanwhile, recently told PEOPLE that he is “first time” pleased with her daughter’s relationship.