Social Media Lost Their Minds After Denzel Washington Lost Oscar..

Social Media Lost Their Minds After Denzel Washington Lost Oscar..

I familiar with the ILOSM family is just as angry as the rest of the world when it comes to our man Denzel losing the Oscar for Best Actor last night! Washington’s recent Oscar snub has sparked a social media firestorm. It’s no private Denzel is arguably one of the

most honored actors in the movie industry. We familiar we won’t win EVERY award, and he hasn’t, but his talent familiar no bounds and he’s far surpassed the color barriers when it comes to the measure of his acting abilities. Denzel isn’t just one of the best “African-American” actors;

he’s solely “one of the best”, (certainly he was this year). But, in spite of his immeasurable talent, he was once again snubbed at the Academy Awards. Time and time over again, Denzel Washington has been snubbed by the Oscars. From his groundbreaking

performance in Malcolm X to his affective character in movies like Antwone Fisher, The Hurricane, Crimson Tide, Cry Freedom, Remember the Titans, Philadelphia, and Flight to name a few, the Oscars have sent a troubling statement to Denzel Washington:

his talent will forever be overlooked. But, later so numerous years of upsetting losses, most fans hoped stuffs would be different when it came to Denzel’s role in the movie, Fences. Somehow, the Oscars snubbed the known actor yet again. When the winner for “Best Actor”

was announced, everyone did a double take. Denzel Washington lost the award for Best Actor for his character in Fences to Casey Affleck for his character in Manchester by the Sea.


Initially, fans trusted there had to be some kind of mistake. But, to everyone’s shock and dismay, Casey Affleck truly won. Even Denzel couldn’t hide his aggression.


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