So Sad: Waiting To Exhale Actor Mourns Death Of Ex-Wife & Mother Of His Kids

So Sad: Waiting To Exhale Actor Mourns Death Of Ex-Wife & Mother Of His Kids

Do you recall actor Donald Faison? He’s one of those cats whose name you might not recognize, but you remember his roles pretty well since he’s built quite a name for himself in acting over the years. Donald has been in the business for more than 20 years,

appearing in several roles in movies including Waiting To Exhale, Sugar Hill, and Clueless as well as the popular television programme Scrubs. But like other famous people, Donald has a private life away from the spotlight. In reality, something unexpectedly negative recently

happened in his personal life. Lisa Askey Faison, Donald Faison’s ex-wife, recently passed away, according to US Weekly. The actor paid Lisa a heartfelt tribute on Instagram. Their son, Dade, was seen holding his mother’s hand in the picture. Donald also wrote Lisa a touching note.

Although they didn’t always get along, he acknowledged that she was a wonderful mother. Dade, my son, is a bold man. Today, he, his sister Kaya, brother Kobe, and their mother passed away. 42-year-old Lisa Askey Faison wrote. Although she and I didn’t always agree on everything,

we did have a common affection for our kids. Lisa, RIP. I will always be appreciative of the wonderful individuals you raised from three beautiful children. May the light and love of God peace be upon your soul. He expressed shock and dismay at her sudden passing,

but he also acknowledged that he knew she was in a better place. I just wanted to thank your mother so much! On Wednesday, Dade sent a message to his Instagram account thanking everyone who has supported him in his time of need. Although I find it hard to believe,

you are currently in a better place. I have nothing but affection for you, and I hope to see you again someday. No matter how challenging things became, you persevered and worked hard.

Mom, rest in peace, and until later. Despite the fact that Donald and Lisa had a love history, it is clear that his loss was profound. After four years of marriage, the two separated in 2005.


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