So Sad, Natalie Cole’s Son: Robert Yancy, Dies At 39

So Sad, Natalie Cole’s Son: Robert Yancy, Dies At 39

The Cole family has experienced yet another tragedy. Robert Yancy Cole, Natalie Cole’s son, also lost away in just 20 months. Yancy’s body was reportedly discovered in his San Bernardino Valley, California, apartment, according to TMZ.

A friend went over to check on him after not hearing from him for a few days and made the terrifying find. On Tuesday, August 15, at about 2:30 a.m., Yancy’s family members reportedly received word. According to rumours, Yancy’s death was attributed to natural causes,

specifically a heart attack. Local law enforcement has warned that after the toxicology and autopsy reports are finished, the official cause of death may no longer be known. Anita Anderson, Natalie’s former backup singer, posted a message about Yancy’s untimely demise on Twitter shortly after it occurred.

Another wonderful little spirit has left us far too soon! Natalie Cole’s sole surviving son and talented percussionist Robert Adam Yancy passed away. Rest in peace as you travel home with your parents, she subsequently added. And know that our hearts will always be with you, son.

I already miss and love you. The media instantly assumed that Yancy’s death might have been the result of some sort of substance usage since his mother had battled drug dependency, but the family has claimed they were told drugs were not involved. However,

because both of his parents passed away from heart issues, his premature passing was still remarkably comparable to theirs. His father, Marvin Yancy, passed away at age 34 from a heart attack, and Natalie Cole passed away at age 65 from congestive heart failure.

Yancy, who went by Robbie, and his mother were devout Baptists who frequently attended church. At Cole’s funeral, Yancy said to the attendees, “What a woman. I learned how to love from her. Every time I needed her, she was there for me. Jesus was the best gift mother ever given me.

I am so looking forward to seeing you again on that day. One of Cole’s sisters read a letter of sympathy from Nation to Yancy at the funeral. Cole Augustus remembered her nephew as a strong and devout man. He has an unbreakable spirit. He was beloved by all. Funeral planning was in progress.

Cole Augustus stated that Yancy would be buried at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California, among his mother and grandfather. The Nat King Cole Generation Hope group, which fights to keep music in schools, is administered by Cole Augustus and her sister, who said that “the dynasty is up in heaven.”


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