So Sad: Kirk Franklin Speaks Out After His Sister Gets 30 Year Prison Sentence

So Sad: Kirk Franklin Speaks Out After His Sister Gets 30 Year Prison Sentence

Kirk Franklin, a legend in the world of gospel, and his family are e’nduring it at the moment. He just disclosed that his sister had just received a 30-year p’rison term. Her previous sentence of 10 years in p’rison for a different d’rug-related of’fence was recently followed by her present one.

Franklin broke the latest t’ragic news to his supporters in an emotive online post: My sister recently received a 30-year prison term. In his tweet on Sunday with the additional description tough week, Franklin remarked, I now feel the weight of wondering.

whether I might have done more. Franklin’s sister isn’t given much information, although he did provide some hints as to what she was going through in 2015. When he admitted that she b’attled d’rug addiction and other issues:

My younger sister was detained in a facility here in Texas for almost ten years. Franklin claimed in his statement from 2015 that she was in love with a teenage drug dealer. She was introduced by him to both using and selling n’arcotics.She was taken into custody with him after he was detained for na’rcotics tr’afficking. She was taken before the review board after serving her sentence, and they decided she was prepared to be released and reintegrated into society.

She was officially freed after the papers were signed, but only in writing. He went on to say that just a few months after his sister’s prior prison release, she had relapsed at that time. After a few months of being free again,I rapidly realized that my sister was still behind bars. They refer to it as in’stitutionalization. He claimed that she rapidly picked up using again and developed a careless attitude toward her body, which led to her exploiting it as a method of support for her ad’diction.

A few weeks prior to his most recent declaration regarding his sister’s 30-year bid, Kirk Franklin made some al’lusions to someone in his family who is presently experiencing mental health problems. Franklin turned to social media on June 8, 2018, the day after fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain both d’ied by s’uicide, to share his story of his own family’s troubles. In the last week, there have been two high-profile s’uicides by individuals.

Franklin cautioned Christians and religious authorities against seeing mental illness as something that a person can easily pray away: Sometimes in the church, you could think you can just yell everything away, scream everything in tongues,

or even drink and s’moke everything away, but you can’t. I’m sending positive vibes to Kirk Franklin’s sister and whatever internal struggles she may be going through right now.


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