Shaq Educates Soulja Boy On $1 Million Bill Claims [Video]

Shaq Educates Soulja Boy On $1 Million Bill Claims [Video]

Shaq is one of the best NBA players ever. He was incredibly dominant during his prime, and he will always be remembered for that three-peat with Kobe Bryant. Additionally, Shaq was known for his rap career. Throughout the 90s, he dropped numerous albums, something we documented in our long-form piece, “Rap Or Go To The League.”

These albums were actually quite successful at the time. There were massive features and producers involved with these albums. Additionally, they sold extremely well, with some of the albums going gold. Needless to say, Shaq was seen as a legitimate rapper back in the day.

With that being said, Shaq would certainly be one of the best people to educate Soulja Boy on things he may not know about. For instance, this past week, Soulja posted a video of himself in which he claims to be the first rapper with a $1 million bill.

This post was shared by DJ Akademiks and got quite a bit of traction. Subsequently, Shaq commented on the post, saying “you not the first i was back in 92.” Funny enough, it seems like Shaq had been waiting to get that information off for some time.


Overall, Shaq and Soulja Boy are two hilarious characters. That said, we struggle to really see the value behind a $1 million bill. There are very few places where you could spend it, and it’s just too impractical to keep. Not to mention, if you lose one, it’s game over.


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