Shanquella Robinson’s Mother Praises Black Twitter for Bringing Awareness to Daughter’s Case

Shanquella Robinson’s Mother Praises Black Twitter for Bringing Awareness to Daughter’s Case

Salamondra told NBC News: “It feels ex’tremely amazing to see the sup’port coming in.” She asserted that if B’la’ck social media users hadn’t brought at’tention to the matter, she doesn’t think auth’orities and the media would have foc’used on Robinson’s k’il’lin’g as much.

We were going to at’tempt to go all the way, so I never felt she wouldn’t get j’ust’ice, she continued. However you were inv’olved, I appreciate everything that ever yone has done. Robinson, a local of Charlotte, North Carolina, was found d’e*d at a villa in Cabo San Lucas on October 29.When North Carolina local news outlets and bl’ogs with a Bl*ck concentration first reported on her d*ath, Bl’ack social media users were de’v*stated. Robinson and six friends landed at the resort in Mexico on October 28. According to her relatives,

her friends said she had alc*hol p*isoni’ng when she d*ed less than 24 hours later. Robinson, though, is said to have been p’h’ysi’cally as*aulted in a room in a video that later le*ked. Robinson is not confirmed in the video by NBC News.On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok, posts about Robinson’s passing quickly gained popularity. Less than a month later, her family, social media users, and experts are recognizing the inf’luence of the Black social media community and s’tres’sing.

how important it was to maintain the spotlight on her c*se. According to Sherri Williams, a professor of r*ce, media, and communication at American University, social media has been around and used as a tool for social ju’sti’ce for about ten years.People of colour are aware of how frequently the mainstream media utterly disregards our stories. We have so started am’plif’ying our own narrative utilizing these technologies. It also works! We observe this cycle where the mainstream news media es’sentially repeats.

what Bla’ck social media users are saying. Authorities first claimed there was no e*idence suggesting Robinson had been m*rder’ed, according to Charlotte-based Queen City News. Robinson’s neck was f’rac’tur’ed and her sp’inal cord was cr*cked,according to an au’to’ps’y report, her family informed Charlotte television station WBTV. The a’ut*psy report has not been independently verified by NBC News. Mexican authorities have informed The Daily B’east that the d*ath is currently being probed as a h*mici’de,

and the FBI in Charlotte is now conducting an inve’stigation. People have offered assistance in methods other than through social media. In excess of $363,000 has been raised for the family via a GoFundMe. And for Robinson’s fu’neral on Saturday, a large crowd of friends,relatives, and admirers showed there. Salamondra Robinson claimed that if it weren’t for the eno’rmous number of Bla’ck social media users who demanded a deeper probe,

all of this may not have occurred. Everyone is p’itching in, she added, adding that the loss of her daughter has left her feeling “sick to my stomach.” I admire those who are st’riving so hard for justice.


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