Shanquella Robinson’s Friend Stole $10,000 From Her Before Taking Her Life, According To Mother

Shanquella Robinson’s Friend Stole $10,000 From Her Before Taking Her Life, According To Mother

What happened to Shanquella Robinson? This quarry will likely be answered sooner than after. The 25-year-old has been trending online for weeks following her trip to Cabo that ended tra*ically. Since then, internet users and her family have come together, demanding responds and seeking ve’rdict.

Shanquella Robinson’s mom, Sallamondra Robinson, has dedicated her Instagram page to providing internet users with updates on her daughter’s la* suit. In the most not so far update,

Sallamondra has stated to her followers that Mexican officials have issued a wa*rant and waiting for the American government to sur*ender those responsible. As more information are released, the sa’dder it appears. In one of her recent posts on Instagram,

Sallamondra shared a screensh*t from an article stating, “Shanquella Robinson’s friends sto’le $10K from her” before taking her life. Robert Little of wrote in a news article. Shanquella’s mom authenticate the information on her Instagram account stating,

“It was authenticate Shanquella “friends” st’ole $10k from my daughter before harming her.” Including to her friends stea’ling $10,000 , it was also authenticate that Shanquella paid for the Airbnb in Cabo.

While speaking with TMZ, Shanquella’s father assured there was a 2nd clip showing her friend ‘Wynter’ slamming her, and she never got back up. Shanquella’s dad also believed the whole situation was a setup as his daughter is not known to get into altercations.


While Wynter is the one identified in the 2nd video, Sallamondra asserts all three girls on the trip fou’ght her daughter, so we’re unsure which individual received the wa*rant or if it was various individuals. Shanquella’s ‘friend’

Daejhanae Jackson has been identified as the individual who released the video. But while few online users have praised her for doing so, Shanquella’s mom asserts she only leaked the clip out of fear and wandered it would cover her [expletive].

Daejhanae was also filmed ha*ming Shanquella, as per her mom. Sallomondra called out all 5 of her daughter’s ‘so-called’ friends in addition Daejhanae in another Instagram post.


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