Shanquella Robinon’s Mom Claims ‘Cabo6’ Visited Her & Discussed What They Were Wearing To Funeral

Shanquella Robinon’s Mom Claims ‘Cabo6’ Visited Her & Discussed What They Were Wearing To Funeral

Yesterday Shanquella Robinson’s mother and the rest of her family held a press conference to let people know more updates on the case and what has been going on with the arrests of the ‘Cabo6.’

Her mother has been incredibly outspoken throughout this whole ordeal and has amassed a massive social media support system eager to get everyone involved locked up as soon as possible.

While most are only focusing on the girl in the video, her mother believes there’s ground to put everyone behind bars.

Queen City News shared a video of the 11-minute press conference where they specify that the family is only looking for justice and has no plans to march or anything of that sort.

Instead, they were really hoping to create a space for supporters who were not able to attend the actual funeral a few weeks prior. This includes Shanquella’s grandmother, who cannot walk. They held a press conference outside of the facility to update people on the case. An actual rally is scheduled to take place Saturday, December 10th.

The main speaker was Mario Black from The Million Youth March Of Charlotte & Salisbury Teen Advisory Board, an organization geared towards taking a stand again violence and injustice.

Black said that the message of the day was love and the desire to give everyone hope in this case. When asked what justice looks like for the family, a woman stepped forward, possibly Shanquella Robinson’s sister Quilla Long,

and said, “everyone being arrested and doing time in Mexico. Everybody expedited over there and going their time there. That would be justice for us as of now. We can’t say anything about it, but they are working on it.”

Elsewhere in the discussion, another woman stepped forward and expressed her real hope that this case would encourage people to stop filming these incidents and actually step in and help. “We hope that it will change somebody else’s opinion and change their minds,” she stated.

“So when they’re standing there instead of recording a fight or doing something like that, they will help.” She then clarified that this was not a fight but, better yet, an assault. “I won’t even call it a fight, recording an assault, they will get some help, or they will do something.”

At the time of the press conference, the family has confirmed that no arrests have been made. The family has yet to get a name connect to the arrest warrant. The whereabouts of each individual involved is also uncertain. None them have resurfaced since the news went public. Various reporters have reached out to the ‘Cabo6’, even knocking on door, but have yet to get a response. Sallamondra Robinson said that they were all very supportive and even stopped by her house several times until the official autopsy came back.

Sallamondra Robinson also claims all of Shanquella’s ‘Cabo6 friends’ even told her what they were planning to wear to the funeral. Mexican officials have confirmed they are working with the United States to ensure justice is served, but Sallamondra has been critical of them on social media, stating that she has not been getting as frequent updates as she would like.

An official rally will take place on Saturday in Shanquella’s memory.


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