See Stevie SHOCK White Fans About BlackLives Matter, I Don’t Give A F**k

See Stevie SHOCK White Fans About BlackLives Matter, I Don’t Give A F**k

Stevie Wonder surprised the hell out of his fans during his not so far performance at London’s ‘British Summer Time Festival,’ where the audience was 65,000 strong. Stevie’s never one to ignore in’ju’stices, you all familiar Stevie’s been standing up for equal rights since the prior 70’s,

even famously getting ar*ested in his a full length fur in a 1985 anti-apartheid protest where he proudly proclaimed he was a “conscientious c*iminal.” As he narrated via songs from his 1976 album, “Songs In The Key of Life,” Stevie sprrowfully pointed out how the

societal troubles he sang about on that album remain exist today (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE VIDEO): Stevie told: “The songs and the words that we talk about, those situations still exist in the world and that saddened my heart.”

BUT THIS IS WHEN IT GOT TRULY REAL AND SOME OF STEVIE’S AUDIENCE WERE SHOCKED… “Yes, all life does matter…” [the crowd loudly praised, thinking that was the just point Stevie was making…then it slightly faded later he continued]

“BUT the reason that I say BLACK LIVES matter is because WE are the real people of this world. So in essence, everybody in here, truly, you got some Black in you. You’ve all got some spirit in you, so stop denying your culture.” [Crowd initially looked like sh*cked,

but some still clap…because they understood Stevie was solely speaking truth and not coming from a ha*eful standpoint] Stevie also urged fans to demand their politicians to: “Cut the bullshit and fix it! […] We were all made in God’s image.

When you hate someone, you’re hating that picture. If I’m blind and I can see it, you can see it too.” Daaaaamn! Stevie’s saying it like it like it T-I-Is and that’s why we adored him!


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