Saweetie Trending After Selling 2000 Copies Of Her New Album: Many Believe Her Career Is Over

Saweetie Trending After Selling 2000 Copies Of Her New Album: Many Believe Her Career Is Over

One of the more well-known female rappers in popular hip-hop is Saweetie. She achieved a few successes throughout the years with the help of her alluring appearance, contagious cadence, and expertly chosen samples.

Despite having multiple platinum singles, some believe that her career may be coming to an end because her most recent album only sold 2,000 copies in its first week. When Saweetie announced an EP that was supposedly going to shed light on her relationship.with Quavo on social media last week, the writing was already on the wall. Many people believed it was inappropriate for Quavo to release such a project so soon after his nephew TakeOff’s burial because he had just witnessed his dying.

Fans defended her, arguing that she was free to share her experience. It seemed that nobody was interested. Despite having 13 million followers and hundreds of thousands of likes on each image, the album only sold 2000 copies. That is absurd. One person remarked,“The arithmetic isn’t adding up.” HitMaka, a super producer, asked the Saweetie team on Twitter if anyone was being fired as a result of this error. Selling 2K to Saweetie is awful for A&R. Someone should have told you that this wasn’t it!

I also take issue with the fact that she has many platinum songs and deviates from the successful formula. There ought to be a firing. Six tracks make up the EP, which is titled The Single Life. Only one song from the album has currently surpassed 1 million streams.A vast cry from her most popular songs, all of which had sales of $100 million or more. The fact that Saweetie is not the only artist having chart failures was quickly brought up by certain fans. They’re dragging Saweetie for her sales.

but get upset when people point out that none of Glorilla’s songs have charted, Cardi B doesn’t have any solo hits, Normani hasn’t had a hit in two years, and Meg hasn’t charted in months, yet they receive more support than she does! Keep that vigour up.


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