Saweetie Speaks on Takeoff’s D’ea’th: “I Feel Like World Stopped”

Saweetie Speaks on Takeoff’s D’ea’th: “I Feel Like World Stopped”

Saweetie has been promoting her latest EP, “The Single Life” nonstop since its release last week. Within minutes of releasing her new projects, the 29-year-old rapper became the buzz of social media. The Icy Princess is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to the men she’s been involved with. Discussions about Saweetie go from her relationship with Quavo to her alleged hook-up with Lil Baby and Offset.
The most talked-about single from Saweetie’s latest project is “Don’t Say Nothing,” the first track on the EP. The internet users began a heated argument over whether or not it was appropriate to fire shots at Quavo, who had recently lost his nephew in a fatal shooting. Even though Saweetie did not include her ex’s name, listeners pieced together lines they thought were about Quavo. Fans feel that Saweetie should have held off on releasing her project and not attacked Quavo during his time of grief.

You can read more about Saweetie’s diss towards Quavo HERE
While dating Quavo, Saweetie spent a lot of time with other Migos members, Offset and Takeoff. The California rapper discussed the tragic death of Takeoff, 28, during an interview with Complex.

“It honestly felt surreal,” she said. “I feel like the world stopped. He was a wonderful human being. I mean wonderful. My heart and my condolences go to his family. It is just really surreal. I feel like hip-hop is in a really eerie state right now.”

Saweetie continued, “I think a lot of people are not sensitive to rappers, male or women. Not only are we being vulnerable with our stories, but it does also get dangerous because of some of the environments we are in. I just hope the vibration in the hip-hop community raises because it is sad seeing young men pass away at such an early age. They did not deserve that.”


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